August 15, 2022

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79 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 1/22/19

      1. Former Yankee Alex Rodriguez and JLo … although I am surprised because he was guaranteed money on his old contract until 2017 and was worth over 300 million plus endorsements and now he is with ESPN & Fox

  1. if r kelly is deciding to kill himself then it makes sense why that video came out of him being prayed over….hes tryna get saved before he goes through with it..idk, my guess

  2. #45 Keenan ivory wayans i think?
    Heard he has HIV and that got him blackballed cause he didnt tell anybody.

      1. Yes i think the last one is charlie sheen too. One of these young hollywood actors exposed that charlie sheen had sex with him when he was 13 ans charlie was 19

      2. But it says rumored to have a fatal disease. We already know that Charlie has a fatal disease.

  3. 42- Drake and The Weekend. Selena bring the actress/ singer and Hadid being model.

    43-JLo and Arod

    44- The Game. I’m glad somebody said something about him. He has issues abroad last I heard

    45-Charlie Sheen. I mean the stuff he was into( which was rumored included younger men as well) he needs to be worried. RIP Corey Haim!

  4. I dont think #45 is Charlie Sheen…its not a rumor that he has HIV that has been confirmed by him and most of his dirty secrets are out there already.

    1. My first guess was Charlie Sheen but I heard a rumor about Jack Nicholson having dementia and he for sure is holding onto a lot of secrets. I hope there’s going to be a reveal on that one soon. 45 is tricky because I’ve heard some stuff about Robert DeNiro too and he’s permanent A+ status in Hollywood.

  5. *Drake and the Weekend- so Drake really tried to screw Bella lol.
    *JLO and A-Rod- we know girl is high maintenance lol.

    1. I did, with that and that butt I wonder if she is goi g through a mid life crisis or trying to turn Into a black woman🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. 42. Good for Bella seriously for a minute I thought it was lil Wayne lol but he ain’t mess with no A status actress and pop star.

    Didn’t drake sleep with Wayne gf too when he was locked up yrs ago?

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if 44 was DMX. Y’all saying The Game and I’ve heard about him too. I just haven’t heard him adding his 2 cents to the R Kelly stuff. DMX started in almost immediately. My first thought was Treach but I haven’t heard him talking too much.

  8. I love this blind sugar but when I finish reading I be reading the comments like “Help me please help me please” in Pops voice 😫

    1. Funny you mentioned him cause he messed around with young boys, but hasn’t been vocal about much… but imma still sip this tea

      1. Oh yes he has ! Watch the video he posted on YouTube “Let Me Be Frank” warning video to the elites

  9. So is Abel not Justin’s friend? Because Abel dated Justin’s ex-girl. Maybe Drake thought that Abel and Selena were super serious, so that made Bella single.

  10. I think #42 is Drake and The Weekend although o I wouldn’t considered The Weekend an A-List artist. For everyone saying the last one is Charlie Sheen…everyone already knows that he has it.. so it wouldn’t be him.

  11. J. Lo is so money hungry. She always has been. Yes she humble but she is also materialistic and the money she has is never enough.

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