October 6, 2022

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90 thoughts on “Friday – Hot Takes 1/18

  1. I always wished Lisa & Lenny would have reunited- they seemed to be a perfect match. Her new husband seems more like an extra child for her…NM can’t be surprised that her boyfriend is no good…he doesn’t seem into her at all and I’m all for her dating a regular guy but Ray Charles could see this guy isn’t sh** and wants money/fame. RayJ is something else…but I don’t believe Princess is a saint herself…hopefully they stick it out bc I like them together…Bradley Cooper being gay is not shocking to me…who isn’t in Hollywood?

    1. He’s seemed gay since he was B list on Alias. When he got lead roles he buffed up..but I never bought it.

  2. I was thinking the same thing about Kelly. Especially since his label dropped him. There’s no way out. Either the grave or the cell under the jail.

  3. Questions, no rush on answers…
    Is Nicki new guy really her new handler ?
    What is the Hadid family’s standing in the elite scheme ?
    Is Bradley related to Anderson ?
    Did Lenny initiate Lisa (and Zoey) ?
    Who really initiated Mr Raymond ?
    Is it true Bodak start hanging with Amber ?
    If Robert checks out who really gets his assets ?
    Is Mimi being gaslighted before deactivating ?

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