August 15, 2022

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49 thoughts on “Weds. – Hot Takes 1/15/19

  1. Wonder if Foxy will try and leverage? Damn D Wade! Welp not shocked, how you get em…Waka!? SMH, Kellz ish is too much 😔, Please Meek/Nicki stop!

      1. I believe you, she should have listened when the record label wanted her back with him. It wouldn’t surprise me if Atlanta isn’t helping him with the wedding 🤔

  2. The problem with Jay persuading Foxy to clear his name is that Foxy rapped about being with Jay on a song that she put out in 2010. So if he really wants to clean it up, he would have to remove every instance of the song from the internet.

    But, things get messier because I remember Nas rapping about Jays face “being in Foxys puss” on Ether. I never thought anything of it, but that combined with Foxys song is pretty much all the proof needed that they were together.

    When it comes to R. Kelly, the entire hip-hop/r&b industry probably knew how he got down and didnt say anything.

  3. If I was foxy he would have to give me millions for that statement, especially like you said he never answered her calls!

  4. If it’s Ralph, he already got divorced.. I think last year.. his wife moved out.. I follow her on the gram.

  5. Yea. It isnt looking good for jay and his silence speaks volumes! I feel like DaMe is really going IN on him! I wonder if anyone will blatantly come out against him… Whats up with Nick Cannon coming for everybody? Lol. He just shaded the kylie on vlad tv too. Is nick untouchable?

    1. I thought the Carters would have tried to or will try to silence Nick after the Dame interview, but I remembered Gs posts about Jay and Giselle being deactivated and replaced with Drake and Rihanna, and especially both Carters refusing to peacefully give up their positions at the top.

      So its possible that Nick might be protected by the higher ups and that Jay and Giselle lost the power that they used to have to where they could just get anyone fired or stop anyones bags who had something to say about them that they didnt like.

      I think because of that act of defiance by Jay and Giselle, they both might go down in a nasty way, Jay before and probably in a worse way than Giselle.

  6. I am praying that Foxy will NOT pick up Jay’s calls… ::Telepathic message to foxy:: “do not pick up the phone, do not pick up the phone’. it’s time for him to go down..

  7. Not surprised by Dwyane or Waka. I don’t know what Waka & Tammy are trying to prove with this new ring. We know he’s still going to cheat and she’ll take him back. Foxy should not take Jay’s call. Let him sweat it out.

    1. Tammy dress so tacky.

      meek and nicki that’s what happens when you give someone a chance that you should have looked passed he liked her so much and now they can’t stand each other.

      Gabby and dawayne need to hang it up they look so fake

  8. James Franco is such a weirdo but why would she let him take them ?

    Does anybody really care about Nicki anymore … Meek is out here making his comeback though

    Foxy still loves Jay but those songs are already out and we all know what they did sooooo he is going to have to take this L

    lol nobody believe that Dwade and Gabby are happy especially with the new baby. Honestly I feel like he only went with it because he knew that it would be a distraction for her. She is completely enamored with the baby and he is going to use that time to go out and chase someone else.

    Tammy and Waka is going to be forever cheating and a continuous cycle but she is getting her wedding though

    Everyone looked past Robert though if the public knew what was going on how could people that actually knew him and were around him NOT know.

  9. Yep, I think most of us know/knew that a bunch of celebs turned the other way on the R Kelly crap. Look at how many openly worked with him even though their was common knowledge on Aaliyah and the pee tape.
    Gabby has HER baby. I think it just might be time to bounce. DWade was a dog when she got him(should have never gotten involved) and will be one after.
    I like Trey, but I am still confused . He “loves” this chic while in the midst of dating her he was in Turks with another woman lol! Love don’t work that way playa lol.
    Drake ready to claim. If that happens, it will be interesting. It seems he still likes to dabble in a sea of women too lol.

    1. I think he has a lot of respect for her, I remember reading somewhere that when his grandmother died Ci went out to support him…

  10. I can’t see Drake claiming anyone publicly although he has a good streak in taking care of the women he is dealing with. Foxy has plenty of leverage but she is smart and is OG and won’t just act out like other women would in her position. She has more to gain long term by keeping quiet until she has no other option. Nobody is going to try to prosecute Jay. Meek and Nicki will be at it for a while because they each have Petty Betty tendencies, more her than him. I can’t speak on Tammy, I don’t know what is worse or better for her. If she thinks she can keep taking it as she has then she will keep doing it.

  11. My personal take on Meek/Nicki is that one or both of them still might have feelings or just might have unresolved stuff between them that they need to straighten out.

    I wouldnt be surprised if Nicki ends up leaving the Convict and ends up with Meek again, even if just temporarily to get some closure. She hasnt been the same since they broke up honestly.

    1. Agree! The shade def comes from hurt and unresolved feelings and Nicki hasn’t been the same since they broke up. She seemed like she was her happiest with him and I feel like they were low key hooking up again for a short while after he got released. He said on twitter they were good and then the shade started again when the convict came into the picture so 🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. I use to follow the Wades on IG, then I stopped becaused they just seemed very boring, and just blah; I got no good feels through thier post. Cute baby tho

  13. I’ve always felt like meek and Nicki relationship was the start of her deactivation for some reason. It was always 50/50 where at the start some people liked them and some didn’t but after the drake beef everyone started hating meek and Nicki suffered just because she was his girl and seemed fake and suffered more cause she was the bigger star. Now they ain’t together everyone done turned on Nicki and meek starting to become a fan favorite & he’s participated slightly in the Nicki shade train just very slickly. Nicki probably feel some way about that honestly cause she putting 2 and 2 together.

  14. Trey Songz needs to be single cause clearly he not ready to settle down! Ain’t nobody saying shit bout R Kelly probably because they probably slept with some of the girls themselves and Tammy baby sis?! We gotta do better!!!

  15. Is Jared Lana’s alleged handler how does that thing work idk ?
    Zayn and Gigi are sexing other “people” (hmmm) ?
    IDK but Nicki seems intelligent but like she cant hold a decent conversation to hold a real dudes attention, like is she tragically shallow or what lol ?
    That biopic revealed that NE were sharing women they thought were off limits, like they all broke the bro code !
    How did Gabby really get that baby if she was complaining that her eggs allegedly werent ripe all these years (hmmm) ?
    Is Trigga allegedly a kept man (hmmm) ?
    Waka still feels guilty about his alleged lack of fertility overcompensating ?
    Did any of Robert’s victims ever meet any celebrities he worked with over the years ?
    I believe Scorpion produced his own humiliations to get extra credit with the cabal .
    Why doesnt Inga ever display her baby is she real ?

  16. Well it could be any NE member instead of Johnny & Ralph but I would guess Ronnie, only because of RHOA or Ricky because he finally decided to do music with his wife but it’s not going well at all…

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