October 5, 2022

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66 thoughts on “Word Has It Article #20

  1. I’m gonna decline to believe this one on the fact that MBJ doesn’t hook up with black women! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Ijk… kind of 😒

    1. His first long time girlfriend was a black woman matter of fact he has had more than one. Another thing you have to throw in is when you are being Petty you will do anything. Just because THEIR IMAGE is they don’t hook up with Black women don’t get fooled by that. Trust me. Taye Diggs had that for his image meanwhile every single instagram chick he was seeing on the low was all black, #dontbeleivetheydontbehookingupwiththesesisters A fuck is a fuck

  2. Why do y’all used sauces for “sources” ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Anywho, those rolls got my hungry AF😂😂😂😂😂

      1. And I don’t wonder nor care what you look like because people will think what they want to think. Just because I don’t agree with you, you wonder what I look like…..okayyy thennn…

      1. YOU all, all forgot it was my own comment and opinion just as you are allowed to comment your opinion

  3. They all looked so awkward on stage the other day and MBJ and Chadwick stood on opposite ends of Lupita and Danai. Makes sense. Damn guess Lupita is the lucky one here getting to fuck both of them lmao

      1. Im sure she has to know there’s some sort of beef between the both of them and probably doesn’t care if she fckd them both. He can still use me if he wants lmfao

  4. It seems true that you hear more about Michael B Jordan than … The other one 👀. Maybe he needs a better marketing team.

    Another thought: Michael is younger than he is (I believe he’s in his 40s) so the demographic that enjoys Michael maybe more supportive of things he’s in.

    1. Don’t forget about Creed. Which is now a franchise. He’s does big box office numbers off of other movies other than black panther

  5. I noticed the tension when they were on stage at the Golden Globes….I also noticed that Chadwick doesn’t look like himself. He seemed extremely thin and his face, neck, and hands/wrists didn’t match.

    1. I noticed he isn’t looking the same too. I think Chadwick is having regrets about those rituals he has to do to stay big time.

  6. Omg I didn’t know it was messy like this. I thought lupita was a sweet innocent angel. I would’ve never thought they actually hooked up in real life. It seems like a lot of times most stars who play each other’s love interests become involved in some type of way. Even if it’s a small fling. I would be mad if I was married to someone in this industry boul. Chadwick is a great actor though he does deserve more attention. Maybe it’s cause he isn’t down ?

  7. Nowwwwww it makes since. While they were promoting Black Panther..Lupita was popping up on MBJ with the whole push-up challenged and she would be helluh giddy and cheezin with MBJ when she would get a hug from him (i mean who wouldn’t)… I guess MBJ got that 🔥.

  8. Who would’ve thought? here I was thinking that Lupita was an all innocent chick, but she was actually getting it in with MBJ and Chadwick. I thought her and Chadwick would’ve looked cute together but I guess there is no chance in that anymore. Do ya thang girl

  9. Seems like Chadwick hooked up with her because he actually was attracted to her, MBJ just did to be petty. Some would say those are two wins but on the other hand it’s a win and loss lol

  10. Shutdown the industry too until they all get they shit together😂 it’s now the 9th day of January and too much happened. But this is a good one but mbj getting paid the most wouldn’t that have something to do with him being the next Denzel and things of that nature.

  11. I can believe this. I don’t know these celebs, but going off body language whenever I saw Chadwick and MBJ in together, energy seemed off and I can tell MBJ and Lupita have hooked up. He does seem really smittened by her.

  12. The pictures of the rolls (for “roles”) took me out lol. Good one. And all this time I thought MBJ was just putting on airs with Lupita just to appease his Black female market and that they were strictly platonic. Chile, this actually threw me for a loop that she was with them both. Lupita out here livin lol

  13. I still think Boseman is a better actor overall, but Mike is hot and younger. MBJ played the villain and who doesn’t love a hot villain? Especially a guy who is not known for ever being the bad guy?

  14. The reason Michael B Jordan gets more recognition is because he’s better looking. Let’s face it black panther is average looking and AA women aren’t into Africans. It’s not marketing because women the film made their careers. Everyone was lusting after Michael’s herpe tatted body ass lol.

  15. Lupita has flawless dark skin buttttt she’s ugly. MBJ was using her but her fellow African brotha would have really treated her seriously. She can’t play I’m every slave movie and this is the last time we’ll ever see a film like Black Panther. What is Hollywood gonna do with her? I remember in high school she was in “Shuga” a mini series episode about the AIDS epidemic. She was a thot there too lol. But it was scary she knowingly was giving it around.

    1. First of Lupita isn’t ugly. Chadwick is from South Carolina. He is American. Your comments strongly suggest that you’re bitter. Stop projecting.

  16. Wow… I thought there was a weird tension with MBJ and Chad. Chad has been looking hella strange for a minute. Like he’s excessively tired af or something. Looking real off and unhealthy and it has nothing to do with his age. It’s amazing how folk think being 41 is old🙄. Anywho… I thought Lupita smashed Danai as well… She’s being a pass around ain’t she??? 😳

  17. I haven’t been on the blog since September due to the fact that I’ve been studying for the lsat and working on my law school applications. Today I finally get back on just to see if my subscription still active and this is what I see🥺😢😢will this affect black panther 2? 😢😭😢Come on G don’t do this to me.

  18. This was so good. Im not sure I agree with Lupita being passed like salt at the dinner table. MBJ has been putting in work for a while. He deserves that praise. Just like Effie in Dream Girls the best role isnt always the lead “roll” (lol).

  19. Here’s a tip — if you really want Killmonger you better know the bible because he is big on his parents, and he seems like he wants something that will last after he retires from acting at a young age imo. If he wasnt acting he wouldve been military or law enforcement get it ?

    Jabari, Panther and Pita ? If you aren’t from their home tribes they will never take you seriously enough right now they want to have clout in their home countries not just in the US imo. Look at how Molly claim she held out for all these years until she found a sucker from her tribe to date !

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