August 16, 2022

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48 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Men In The Industry Harrasing Aaliyah Underaged – Part 2

      1. He lied about being “upset” his ass was definitely in that fiesta video bopping around like Diddy

  1. So that little disagreement her aunt Gladys was talking about between her and another singer, was with Ashanti???

    1. No, her mom was humping R Kelly…like Aaliyah and her mom both smash Kellz. Also it’s talks Aaliyah’s uncle Berry H. was molesting Aaliyah.

      G letting us know she ain’t talking about those dare secrets 😉

      1. They’re both so unproblematic I can’t even imagine. I remember Ashanti saying she was a fan of her

  2. Go check out @unclelupi on twitter, he says during the world cup opening ceremony R asks for girls… University of Johannesburg girls were arranged for him…

  3. I believe the mom messing with rkelly. Also I been seeing a lot of Damon dash talking about this lately what’s up with that? Do you think when they arrest him he will let it all out about the industry?

  4. My ppl was a pr person back then in there circle n he said the mom was messing w r. Kelly years ago too

  5. Damn… that’s sad. They all going to hell. Social media is dangerous and it’s gonna be the down fall of Hollywood.. imma sit back and pray.

  6. I swear I was thinking as I watched the last episodes of the R Kelly documentary that he had to be screwing some of the mothers too. I freakin new it smh. This is some exposing for our asses lol thx G! Glad I got my 1 year subscription in when I did I was stressed when I couldn’t login lol! Good tea! Also if you’re looking for a dedicated proofreader I’m available.

  7. It’s just so baffling how she went from Jay to Dame but they remained friends. Jay & Dame worked together for yearssss after they both screwed & fell in love with the same girl. It makes no sense bcuz most ppl would’ve fallen out immediately over that.

  8. Cant really go by dame’s word his ass was all up in the video dancing and holding the bottles…. in my opinion he should’ve just sat it out ….he said he didnt want his name affiliated yea ok ….So many things is coming to light I’m not surprised theres a video of the girls who were on the doc singing and having a blast from row at his concert then his wife singing along to happy people then saying thsts family that’s family …….Now I get it forgive and move forward but theres some questionable shit going on .

  9. This isn’t shocking to me. Grown men have been trying to mess with me since I was 15, & they knew my age! (I looked 15 btw) I’m talking neighbors, friends of the family, my friends relatives. Luckily my mom kept them away from me as much as she could but all this is common. Surviving RKelly just made it a needed topic of discussion.

  10. It saddens me to think of how Aaliyah was abused at such a young age and then continued to be abused until her very young death. She must have felt like she was nothing more than a commodity or a “doll on the shelf”. Picked up and played with by these adults. I have a sad suspicion that if she had lived, she would have turned to drugs to cope at some point. The things she probably saw and experienced. That had to be a heavy load for her to carry.

    1. I think she would’ve distracted herself with work. She loved what she did and her fans the most so, I think she would’ve been fine. I think she would’ve pulled a Kidada and removed herself eventually. Going indie or something. Sad story…

  11. Aaliyah was a thot. Ppl just called her an angel because that’s what they wanted her to be. Most of her songs were grown. Now that I hear if your girl only knew was about her best friend? Talk about breaking girl code. She’s no different from any other Hollywood family Paris, Nicole Richie, and Kim K all had weird and sexually deviant parents.

  12. Being attractive is a gift & a curse for real. I hate that you can’t succeed in this industry on just talent alone. You always have to do something strange for fame and fortune. The parents that allow it to go on though make my stomach turn. Then the rumors that she may have been fuckin the same man she knowingly let rape her daughter is just pure evil. For money is the the devil himself.

  13. I live on here, but I did just listened to the tasha k interview with r brother Carey. In one word POWERFUL. He’s a hood guy, but spoke direct, eloquently and never ONCE stammered and told the story of molestation as honest as I have heard a person speak. R was a little touched and his sister molesting him kicked him straight over the edge. I was feeling a little bad for R, but after that interview I don’t. I just don’t. In that hour my whole stance changed. I created a R playlist a month ago before all this new ruckus (I wore myself out on Prince and then Usher’s music). But I’m going leave that playlist on pause for now….

      1. I watched a YouTube video with that blogger Tasha K (I think that’s her name)& she said 2 of R.Kelly’s family members put on their & their kids’ lives that back in the day they walked in on Aaliyah, R.Kelly AND her mom having a threesome 😑

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