October 5, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/9/19

  1. G,

    If pedophilia is considered acceptable (ritual/sport) in Hollywood how is this whole thing going to play out. It seems they are above the law. Because even if they put R Kelly, Harvey Weinstein in prison they go to a “fake” cushy prison for tge rich.

    1. The person they are outing will get condemned ofc, but that’s why they want it to hurry up and be over because they are playing with Pandora’s box.

  2. Ryan Seacrest didn’t always have a boyfriend? Any woman he’s been with has always seemed like a beard to me

      1. i would like to know too. Does he do black beards? I can be his first blk beard if he wants… A sista got a few bills to be paid. lol

  3. I really hope this pedophilla shit hit the fan with of them not jus the men (black men, all men) women to.. like for intense Madonna

  4. I feel like drake is gonna be next. Ive seen that video of drake all over the place. The few rappers that have spoken out mention way worse stuff happening- its going to be sad to see how many victims and entertainers are really pedophiles and rapists . also, herpes seems to be the disease passed around in the industry- whonelse has it? If usher has it and R. Kelly, does diddy have it too? Cause i saw that kevin hart/diddy/ usher video (lmao) and was that a dildo on the bed?? Anyway, whats up with the herpes?

  5. I love Nicki but she can live her best life without getting into any problems, i get that she wanna show she doesn’t care anymore. But i don’t see anyone siding with a rapist/murderer who was just living in the hood months ago dissing someone who is famous. Her and meek can really ignore each other and new boy could’ve stayed hidden a few more months.

  6. I keep hearing about a sex tape to be dropped but nothing has popped up. is there really a girl pregnant by him? I heard about it in the start of fall, but it seems to be spreading.

  7. I believe “they” have a strategy for the pedophile news won’t be fully exposed. Babylon is going to fall but not this soon.

  8. Im glad people are starting to talk about all artist doing pedo activities, since the Rkelly docuseries. However i do HOPE the charlamagne story comes out more because not enough people know the jessica reid story! And they must i was SOO DISGUSTED to see him in that docuseries smh. But im truly glad that Dream Hamilton (the producer of the Rkelly doc) regrets charlamagne segments & apologized to the people.

    Why G isnt this a BIGGER discussion? 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Sb- if you havent seen the confession go to YouTube justiceforclosure.

      1. Sis yes honestly if you want all the details just go to YouTube search justiceforclosure – the Jessica Reid story alot of questions will be answered.

  9. Wow that would be crazy for drake I know he was younger but I’m not sure how old. She was still too young ig maybe if she was 18 already at the time. He better pray or pay her off. 🙈 I hope the other celebs get exposed too why is kelz the only one who should be exposed ? Wait Is this news because he never came out ? Because I don’t really follow him or anything but I always thought he was gay. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  10. Drake isn’t the smartest tool in the shed. The man continues to give his enemies ammunition to take him out. You know they are after you, do better.
    I figured Serena was ok with what the husband was doing lol… Cold blooded.
    Oh Offset, when will end lol.

  11. I always thought Ryan Seacrest was gay… He has gay vibes written from top to bottom… I thought everyone knew this..

  12. G, i just saw a nick cannon inyervire with dame dash (on instagram) whats going on with that? Dame dash aint holding back at ALL.

  13. Drake should watch out considering the post on the blog that talks about how people want him gone because they jealous. I can see people talking about this vid that’s resurfaced, the milly Bobby brown mess, plus I’ve heard other rumors about him and underage girls.

  14. All the GFs Ryan have had seem to be a beard. Not surprised.

    All these reckless artists should be nervous. Deviant deeds always comes to light. I wonder who is next?….

    What was Drake thinking doing something like that? 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Ruby asking her fans for money to fuck them? 🤦🏽‍♀️..SMH.. is she having financial hardship now? She was the hot new thing for a minute, the hype around her is gone now?

  15. Who ever believed that Ryan Seacrest is a straight man though? LOL. He needs to just come on out. He’s in good company with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper and every other outwardly gay man especially as a White male. No one is going to stone him smh

  16. Omari… elaborate 💁 I feel like it’s all promo because he said he don’t care about what apryl does (as he shouldn’t, she’s only a BM🤷) & fFiz said it was old recordings and that the tour is on. I’ll be waiting to see what you say though….*folds legs* lol

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