September 26, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Ask G : The Sugar Is In The Answers

  1. I never liked Oprah, guess I know Y! It’s a vibe she gives off. Now I understand how she gives off the “I’m holier than thou” feels and people fall under her spell. Who else is an Elite?

    1. G had a video from Mary40 from YouTube about Mariah Carey not to long ago. Mary40 has a video about Oprah. Worth watching. Explains it all and why Oprah is so high up. She pushed the agenda she had to millions of middle class white woman successfully for well over a decade.

  2. Hi G! I love your blog and appreciate you. I know you explained it before but I forgot. What is a handler?
    Thank you.

  3. Hmmmm Oprah being an elite raises so many questions…..

    1. Did Jay have to connect with Oprah before moving up the ranks?

    I say that because Oprah hated rap and rappers. Then had Jay on her show speaking their differences. That’s shortly before rap and hip hop became the number one genre of music.

    2. Did Oprah hand 🖐🏾 pick our top black Hollywood talents? Halle Berry, Denzel, Tyler Perry? What they had to do to earn their ranking?

    3. How did Beyonce escape her claws and still remain successful? Bey been running from Oprah since day one ☝🏾.

    4. So Oprah behind the dark tragedies with our beloved talents like Micheal Jackson? Whitney Houston? Prince? What in the hell is her agenda?

    5. What Oprah doing grooming all them African girls?

    My head is spinning G!!! Who else on her team?!? Who else is an Elite?

    #MindBlown 🤯

  4. I’ve always wondered about Natina Reed’s death and it’s even more suspicious that her sister passed just a few month after her. Wow it’s really sad that Natina was homeless at the time of her death.. and also wasn’t Lefteye her cousin/relative of some sort?

  5. I wish we’d stop calling these people the “elites” there is nothing elite about them, besides the money that they worship the devil for.

  6. I wanna ask have any of you guys seen the show commercial trailer for I Am The Night? It will come on TNT.

    1. The singer from Soul ||Soul named somebody Waddel was hurting financially and was hit by a couple of cars as well. I was reading about other celebrities that had passed away in that manner as well, but the Soul to Soul singer stood out. Just wow.

  7. G can you tell us what happened to Brian McNight? Did Cameron Diaz just retire after being deactivated? How did she get out the game?

  8. RIP but they said she was allegedly in the “yachting” and “trapping” lifestyle when she passed idk …

    What was Harpo relationship with Superdome about (hmmm) I heard she was a really big fan of her oral “skills” too …

  9. What’s going on with Meek Mill? Is he affiliated with the elites, I know he’s been seen doing a lot with Jay Z lately. But you don’t think he would go out like that right?
    Though he’s been thriving since the break up with Nicki and the release from prison.

    Also any info on Teyana & Iman, they seem on the rocks but of course neither of them will say anything.

    Oh and also wanted some more Aaliyah tea.

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