August 16, 2022

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43 thoughts on “Pr Diaries Industry tails The Stories We use To Whisper About On These Pr Streets

    1. So we will see how far he goes coming back and coming back and making an impact with two different things that’s plenty of singers still making music look at Anne-Marie she has like six albums but nobody hears of them

      1. Questions…
        Did A.M. Erie really settle a sexual harassment suit with her old label + She says she struggles with postpartum was she ever initiated ?
        Was Mario asked to hand over his mother ?
        Are Michelle Tanner twins considered handlers now ?
        Did King ever smash Cube ?

  1. I just don’t get why in public they act like they’re straight But behind closed doors they licking, sucking and fucking everyone for the bag!!!

  2. I figured this about Mario you always say that’s why they fall off. I wonder what made him start rebelling against it though ?

  3. I hate that Mario had to endure that but so happy he had enough Morals to back out as a child star! His music is bomb to me and he makes more R&B than Chris does. He doesn’t come off as lost, he’s very much in tune with himself, I just love him😌 seems so passionate!

  4. I just read in the comments that Mario makes more R&B than Chris Brown – 😳🤔 huh? Did I read that right?
    In other news Nothing surprises me about Hollywood or affluent ppl and what they’re allowed to get away with (Greed is a BITCH) clearly whom ever has the money has the power and ability to have whom ever or whatever brushed under the rug. And stars screwing, marrying, impregnating, molesting, fondling …. young men and women isn’t uncommon in this pool of people. It’s like a cycle of they stole my innocence NOW LET ME STEAL YOURS or pawn you off aid whomever to do the same to you. It’s sad and sadistic but the reality is HURTING ppl HURT ppl (including children who are defenseless). Watching it made me feel sick and I ultimately had a headache towards the end. All of these (greedy) adults around and no one sticks up or stands up for these (lost victimized) children. 😥

    1. His music correlates more to R&B. Chris be making hip music, he stays with what’s hot! He used to me good music. Mario’s music has more depth to it. If you don’t listen to Mario you wouldn’t know. I mean, you don’t have to agree wouldn’t bother me but that’s My opinion. I’m not speaking on a popularity decision, either. In that case, Chris will win.

  5. This is why im not stunting R.kelly all of hollywood is guilty so if we gone get one get them all not just making blk men the scapegoat

    1. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ It’s not about black men. He is sick! And his time has been up. It’s about our little girls

  6. I kind of figured that’s why happened with Mario, I was a big fan of his and I noticed a change in him over the years.

  7. Mario had a tough life and that may have been his out… who knows how that went down. I do enjoy his music and he looks happy w his freedom.

  8. Once you said they can turn down the deals, and go back to their regular lives, then the next minute they are “forced”…..which is it? Bc you can’t force no grown straight mf to suck/screw the same sex if they aren’t that gay, it was in their ass to begin with

  9. I loved Mario when he came out. I still remember watching his show on MTV that dealt with him living with his mother’s addiction. I’m sad to hear that is why he left the industry, but not surprised. I remember reading a few months back (maybe here? I can’t remember) that he is basically an escort and gets flown out overseas and has been doing that for some years.

  10. Jack Nicholson is not a surprise to me, now. I learned that the girl Roman Polanski drugged and raped back in the 70s did it at Jack Nicholson’s house, while Robert Deniro had an orgy with Teens and tweens at Polanski’s house. Deniro has been funding Polanski all of these years, I guess as an consolation for Roman getting caught.

  11. G, Drew Barrymore and the entire Barrymore clan is one of my “Ask G” questions that I haven’t gotten around to sending bc I figured you’ve been swamped. But can you please do a post on them?? I remember an interview she did years ago talking about being an alcoholic by the age of 12 and having threesomes with Melanie Griffith and others at the age of 13. Please do a story on them!

  12. Mario got Rent live on Fox coming up very soon… I wonder if more info about him is gonna be circulating once it happens. That’s my boo, I hope nothing else does tho

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