October 6, 2022

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60 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 1/5/19

      1. Lawd! I’ll just bet it is! The only part that surprises me (dumb me!) is that she cheats on Kroy. But what a tangled web.

    1. Yea cause I ain’t know who 34 was
      I think you right after thinking. And her daughter wanna be kylie so bad. It’ll never happen like it happen for the karjenners I think that was a once in a lifetime deal.

  1. What’s crazy is that i was on the bloggers app. I supported her but lately i started to notice her always requesting that ppl pay more money to be on the site or to be on these “exclusive” groups. I’ve been scammed before so i know that they’ll keep asking for money. I’m at a really great place in my life where I just don’t see the need to be negative about anything or anybody on social media so I just deleted my account and bowed out peacefully. But I peeped the scamming ways. It’s sad because ppl really trust her and don’t see what she’s doing.

    1. Yeah I followed her Instagram but didn’t go for her blog nonsense. It just looked shady to me. Good thing u bounced.

    2. Me too….I pay on this site bc I feel G is honest and truthful… I have been side eyeing the other page lately bc 1- the whole world isn’t hating on one person and 2- not every blog is stealing tea… it’s not that serious… I respect anyone that has a vision, but I can’t zupport negativity or scamming.

    3. Me too . I was on the ig page and fb then she wanted us to pay for fb and then the app . The app got deleted and then another one was created . Then people got locked off if you weren’t ok often enough . That wasn’t a stipulation when we pad for the app. So now if you want to be on you have to keep creating new profiles and suppling more information .

      1. Exactly. I tried to roll with it – but it was the site, then the app, then we had to go to FB, then it was a new site, now it’s a new app – and each time it’s another validation process and truth be told aside from maybe 1-2 things there was no real tea on there u couldn’t find online somewhere else. I didn’t mind paying a few bucks but she could never keep 1 stable platform.

        It’s also stupid she is so pressed to do an app cause all the app is – is just a replica of the site! She should save her $ and just make the site as good as it can be IMO. 1 thing I can say with G is that we paid 1 time on 1 site and that was it! Lol

    4. I’m thinking the same thing & after coming on this app I’m definitely not feeling what be going on. it’s like the subscribers be brainwashed and not seeing the bullshit being ran .. In a recent post she said she’s going to retire , how ?! because she’s or he is a scammer!

    5. That was me too. And it’s toxic as hell over there. Got into it with one of her minions who wrote a whole post going off on people asking what was wrong with the site. They got that girl/guy (I don’t know) on thing where she/he has some kind of God complex. It’s crazy as hell. I also have a friend who had paid for advertising for her catering business and never saw the ad, then got cussed out via DM when she inquired.

      I had to leave that place because the energy it was bringing out of me I had promised myself would stay in 2018.

    6. I paid to join her website and then a month later she Shut down the website and created the app and wanted people to pay again. I just said forget it.

  2. G, you’ve taught me so much and I appreciate you. I paid for an annual membership with you and you have never asked us for more money. What u tell us is always real and informative. Man I used to be the BIGGEST Beyonce fan. Nobody could tell me nothing about her. Then u opened my eyes. I believe in God and Jesus Christ and I’m not supporting these devil worshippers no more. If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be lost. So thank you for everything u do, for all the time and energy u put into this, and for opening my eyes to all this evil in PLAIN SIGHT!

    1. She said previously it was Offset and Cardi. Supposedly the blogger had a sex vid of him she was gonna expose but then he “paid her” to not leak it?? Something like that. Maybe someone else can elaborate.

      1. At the time, I think Cardi was more famous for the bravo show, hence “actress”??

    2. Nipsey exposed the dude Fame thats when Fee allegedly took over. Then it was the offset situation with Fee. She claimed offset took her car keys and kidnapped her for a few hours.

  3. And what’s wild, I been a member over the course of it running but then I keep seeing post about her retiring and letting the users keep it up once she’s finished with it

  4. I joined fee’s site for a week and just let it go. It was trash and I don’t like her disposition. Very nasty and defensive

  5. I have an account with Fee and I noticed that she keeps saying that’s she’s leaving the blog soon.

  6. 33-Famelous
    34- Jackson’s
    35- is so obviously Kim Zolciak. Her daughter been trying to get into yachting her mom is helping pimp her out.
    36- I don’t think Kourtney is A- but maybe it’s her?

  7. The first one I know , I follow her Ig but she be having too many problems on her so called blog for me to join.

  8. How can she afford all of those courtside Golden State tickets? Is Fee messing with a warrior or overlooking their tea as long as they supply tickets?

  9. 1.Famelou G hates this blog! They used to take down her IG page a year ago. Haven’t heard too much from them.
    2.Katheri Jackson
    3.K Zoliack
    4. Kourtney K?- This one seem like the obvious answer, but I think it could be someone else, not sure.

  10. Fameoulos gossip in the city Ashley Demetrick smart
    Katherine Jackson
    Kim zolziac
    Kourtney Kardashian

  11. Gossip in the city is scamming people and she is way too worried about who post tea first that she’s ruining her own app/website. She says that in March she wants to start charging 20-$25 for the year or $2 a month ( I thought of you at that point) she has made those people paid for tea that they are spilling just from lurking on someone else’s page 3 different times, and her website is always down.

  12. Never paid for that site. Knew better. You can look at the instagram and tell it’s bogus. Always a problem. I can’t believe anyone is on that site. She be charged 10 dollars. All this time G only charged 1 a month and has been consistent. Given stories constantly new tea old tea and Shirley temple tea. Told us the future. No problems with the site if it is it’s fixed they always respond to emails no one fighting in comments

  13. Prayers for Ms. Jackson 🙏🙏🙏 it seemed as though she was sickly, surprised she lasted this long with all she endured 🙏🙏

  14. 33 = who cares lol
    34 = they say when one goes the other is soon to go within a year …
    35 = is Evelyn really a practitioner too ?
    36 = Mama Kris is tryna get her groove back on ?

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