October 4, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Thursday Hot Takes

  1. Diddy must be talking to one of Cassie celeb friends on the low if he doesn’t wanna come off as petty and bitter.

  2. Wait…. but did y’all see Ushers new hairstyle. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Someone need to tell him that anit it.

  3. I was waiting for you G I knew you were coming as soon as I saw the report that Diddy’s mad. 💅🏽 Oh well shouldn’t have wasted my sis’s time. Now she has someone younger better lookin, & will hopefully treat her way better than you ever did.

    Ginuwine know he playin 😂😂😂
    Chileee I thought about you too when diane made that statement. Everyone in the comments were saying if you were always around her why’d you let her get married to a grown man. 🤔

    Happy for soulja boy very talented young man.

    1. Yea I wonder why she stays with his cheating ass & he’s not in the spotlight as much.. only for his cheating .. & what do you mean G when you said expect her to be out there more? Escorting? Dating?

  4. R. Kelly got something on them. That nigga is a predator and deserves everything that comes his way. So does Diddy.

    1. He has NDA’s that will literally take the pants and shirts off of people. And trust his bodyguards know everything and can never say anything publicly…but thank God for salty people who drink too much and are angry.

    2. Speaking of predators… was it never a big deal that diddy got Misa pregnant when she was 16/17? G u have any sugar on this?

  5. I’m rooting for Soulja boy.

    That’s what diddy get I can’t stand him but what’s up with his mom she always look high and over it?

  6. Not related to this, but, what’s up with Lindsay Lohan lately? Her new show on MTV and the playboy shoot?

    1. Yes!! I would like to know what’s going on with her. Somethings up if she was given her own show.

      1. Right! I know tv is fake but my first thought was she shouldn’t be around alcohol if she’s an addict

  7. Can we get some tea juice coffee lemonade on Mary J Blige? I mean dayum….who hasn’t she fucked in the industry? Shes like a dude…fuck em then leave em….

  8. 1. How?? @ Soulja Boy
    2. Why doesn’t Ginuwine look like himself. I legeit saw screenshots and thought who is this man he’s feels the need to adamantly defend. #terrible

  9. Uhmmmm can someone tell me why John Legend is speaking on R.Kelly..like isn’t he with the shits as well? Always the ones that got helluh skeletons wanna talk 🤦🏽‍♀️

  10. What’s going on with my baby Trey Songz Gina?????? Was he supposed to deactivate R. Kelly?? Even though R.kelly kind of deactivated himself lol

  11. TashaK dragged Aaliyah so bad i almost felt sorry for her……..almost😒 a whole lot of people need to stop acting like Aaliyah was this perfect angel. we loved her, we loved her music but lets be clear, she was being sold&handled lkkeany others. She’s definitely a victim but she was not a saint

  12. I am over this R. Kelly situation. idk what else to say about the man. He has beena predator for the longest of time now and everyone knew this. He is not the first and obviously not the last as they need to condemn the rest of the pervs of Hollywood.

    Who is Justin cheating with this time? He was always a cheater. Aquarius males are the worst. I knew they weren’t a good match from the beginning. Not sure why Jessica thinks she would be immune to it. Why not just let go?

    I didn’t see Ginuwine’s beard. Let me go check lool

    Diddy needs to let go..

  13. Where is the moral compass of those who refuse to speak out?? I don’t understand it. I cannot condone anyone molesting, raping, murdering…. no matter who you are. They have a platform to speak out, I applaud those who did. And I read one of the comments from a fellow Sugar Baby that said maybe Robert has something on them…. listen these people know how to spin stories and drama all the time, they can curb it. Who is gonna give a damn about what he has to say? When he said he was molested I didn’t feel a sliver of sympathy for him, the abused became the abuser. I’m a survivor, I’m not out here abusing people!!! I can’t feel sorry for that nigga, bye!

  14. & yea Aaliyah’s parents is fooling!! They know the truth and need to stop w the foolishness! Honor her w honesty‼️

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