October 2, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Word Has It Article #17

  1. I love Chris… but he breaks my heart. Also, he’s not looking to well… he looks ran thru, used up, spoil… not fresh at all.

  2. Shit….. well I knew they already hooked up before so it’s not real far fetched but um what’s the deal with Ben though?! Why I keep hearing he really likes dick? Is this a rumor?

  3. Chris can do sooo much better. I thought every black artist liked thick girls. Good to know he likes them
    slim, cause kendall dont have no type of meat. Lol

  4. If CB gets so pissed, then why isn’t KJ his main chick? What’s up with him being with the other two girls? 🤔

  5. This is random but why does the kendall get to sleep around and not be called a hoe but when black women do like Chyna theyre bashed daily and called all types of names. 🤔

    1. Because she’s a white woman in America and they hate when black women like blac chyna fucks the system

    2. We call her one too sis & a lot of white people who don’t like the karjenners call them the same. I see it all the time on their pages & blogs ran by white people. they be just as tired of their shenanigans as we do if not more.

    3. So not true!! Kim and Kylie gets called a hoe all the time. Kendall doesn’t because most people don’t know what she’s doing.. she’s more low key.

    4. Girrrrrrrrrl, I don’t know one person who doesn’t think that entire family spawned hoes and state it loud and proud! Lol.

  6. Ehhh that’s unfortunate I hate that he even deals with her in that manner. 😴 but Chris ain’t really been w/ a black woman since Robyn so.

  7. Those Jendashians I tell ya. Idk if it’s really that good or if it’s just the allure of them being hot commodities.

  8. I love Chris since the beginning but these men can’t take a women treating them the way they treat us . Keep sneaking around you get snuck 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. Ammika went back to Germany , Agnez Not sure where she was and he was with Krista that night there is video of them together.

  10. Ammika isn’t his woman just another one of his rotation chicks. Her time in the US expired so she got shipped back to Germany. His other chick Krista is apparently back on rotation now. Chris aint settling when he surrounded by easy chicks.

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