October 2, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Word Has It #18

  1. What’s the deal with Ty Lawson and his child’s mom Ashley?? Why did they breakup? She’s hella lowkey now on IG. She and Aaleeyah Petty are best friends….

  2. This is sad. Kim. K is trying to save her marriage, but he just won’t stop with the foolishness. He is still hurt about how J and Bey turn their backs on him. 😟

  3. I just knew that Kendall, Kylie, & Travis being at Drakes party would send him into a rant but I’m not surprised that people are inviting kim and telling her not to bring kanye.

    1. Kim needs to retire from being a ho 😒 seriously she doesnt even go to the club why does she need to be at parties with her early 20s sisters?? Shes like 40 i would die if that was my mom, family should always be her main priority drake wont be there for her to raise her three kids

      1. Going to a party doesn’t make you a hoe. Damn. Really?! Everyone wants to say just about ANYTHING bad about these people.

      2. I agree with you. Is about loyalty to ur blood. There are what they are because of kim. They will never got recognized even if they have money. I will never attend a party of a person who is claiming to fuck my sister with the world, and making her look like a hoe. Them attending are letting people know that either is true about her sleeping with drake, or they being petty to their own sisters.

  4. I think it’s werid that the sisters would still be cool with Drake after He never spoke up about him and Kim not having a sexual past together. Forget what he has going on with with Kanye, they shouldn’t be cool with him just off the strength of Kim.

    1. Def agree with this like do they just not give af about Kim? Orrrr? Like if that was my sister idc I’m not going to no ones party who making it seem like you was hitting it when you wasn’t.

    2. Agreed. They don’t have to listen to Ye at all but they should show solidity cuz of Kim. They always boasting how family should stick together.

    3. I agree but let’s not forget Kim is also super selfish. She’s currently willing to tarnish Kylie to avoid Kylie and Travis taking her and Kanye’s spot.

  5. She needs to drop his ass already she doesn’t need him and he’s not doing anything good for her rn

  6. I agree, like Kim no doubt is beautiful and has made a name for herself and her sisters but damn bow out gracefully. I feel like Kim is struggling to find that space between I’m older how do I make my image look good still without looking like im acting 25. Who cares if she can’t party with her sisters anymore.
    Which brings me to my next point, why are her sisters okay with going to drakes party? Like someone said, regardless of the Kanye and drake beef, the fact you been basically lying on my sister making it seem like ya smashed is enough grounds for me not to fuck with you.
    Is it cause Travis is cool with drake and maybe dragged Kylie along ? Or do her and Kendall just not care? Idk seems weird.
    I definitely see Kim and Ye breaking up in the future. He’s like out control or atleast it seems like it and it would honestly scare tf out of me having 3 small children with him. Then hes back on this “trump all day” shit after he tweeted he was done with politics or something like that.
    Make it make sense guys!!! Lol

    1. I’m not saying she should retire at all but why feel the need to “compete” with your 20 year old sister when you’re rich af and you can still do your own thing?

  7. Maybe the sisters know that Kim and Drake HAVE smashed. And they are so sick of Kanye that they have chosen Drake’s side. Just wondering out loud. I personally think it’s just the Kartrashians/Jenner way of “deactivating” Kanye within the family. They are setting it up for Kim to make her “I’m filing for divorce” statement and she will blame it on his erratic behavior causing interruption to her career and discord within her family.

    1. I THINK YOU MADE ALOT OF SENSE IN YOUR COMMENT!!!!!!! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 maybe she did fuck n we all know the kardashians n Jenner’s are SUPERRRRRRRR LOYAL and they won’t spill no tea on what they DO know…..n I can see the FAM helping her set up for a DIVORCE but they just revealed another baby so they threw me for a loop! 🤔🤔🤔🤔

      1. Honestly dont let the baby thing throw you off your trail… this is a really good theory. You have to remember kim doesnt want another baby father so getting that embryo baking now rather than later is the best move besides the baby boy was already “in the fridge”. All the kids are all in the same age group as she wanted.
        She could leave him now.

  8. Don’t forget guys, those women use men for sex, and only love money and power..where is the loyalty in that? There is none..culture vultures.

  9. I thinks it’s fuked up they would invite her and not him regardless what anyone thinks that her husband they should invite them as a couple …. Drake is being petty … the family is petty cause they stick together … they shouldn’t of went to Drakes party if it was one of the sisters they wouldn’t of done that ….

    1. But I do think Kim should start branching off and chilling with her family and let Kendall and Kylie have the spotlight now it’s time but who knows

  10. Kim wants a large family.. hence baby #4 has been announced. Maybe after having all of her babies by the same guy she will be good with breaking up. Who really knows.

  11. I’m over this shit already like KANYE sounds like he programmed and controlled AF all these rants n shit that NOBODYYYYYYY AGREES WITH I’m just fed the fuck up with kanye…..

    Like for a LONGGGGGGGG time I had so much pity and sympathy n now I’m like…. KIM TAKE THIS NIGGA IN THE ROOM N LOCK THE DOOR TIL HE LEARN HOW TO ACT RIGHT.

    Sound like his programming is MALFUNCTIONING 😂😂

  12. Kim needs to leave him! He is bringing her down. This guy has so much issues, and it’s scary. Kanye needs alot of help.

  13. This whole thing is one big mess. Kim wants to party with her family, BUT she is married to the man. And it has just been said she is expecting ANOTHER child with the man. So hunni it must NOT be that bad for you. Instead of worrying about a party maybe try focusing on getting your husband help. That way, all of this will hopefully simmer down. Drake, baby doll won’t be there with you and your kids.

  14. Sad! No ones in Kanye’s corner at all. She got with him and her and her family exploited the relationship when it was convienent. Now they have no use for him when he needs a unit around him the most. It’s a damn shame.

  15. If she’s at her wits end why is she having another baby with him? Doesn’t seem fair to anyone if that’s the case

  16. Kim will have “her” baby lol via surrogate and then divorce that man and live happily ever after with her 4 kids and sisters.

    1. I agree! That’s her plan! Kim Judy’s wants the same daddy babies and she will use Ye annoying, erratic behavior to dip soon!!!

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