October 5, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Dispel!! True Or False Fact vs Fiction Reality vs Depiction

  1. B and J are only for themselves. I stop liking them after what they did to Kenya West. They only care about money and power.

    1. I feel the same way, they are opportunists. When they have no use for you, they distance themselves from you.

  2. Chris Brown is still one of my favorite singer. I like ReRe a lot. I hate what happen between them. Chris Brown was the new M.J. I just don’t understand why they wanted her to offer up chirs. He is the only one that can dance just like M.J. he was supposed to be the biggest r &b superstar.

  3. I don’t think kris Jenner is Armenian so technically if RK isn’t her dad she’s not Armenian at all. I agree if it’s not RB it’s the Alex guy. Not to mention her middle name is Alexandra. Coincidence? Lol

    1. Exactly Khloe is zero percent Armenian. The dad is Armenian Kris is just white. The Roldan dude is definitely her dad.

  4. I’m always interested in finding out more about Chrianna and Im not saying Chris was innocent in that situation, I just now don’t think Rih was innocent either. I think they was swinging on each other but the man takes the bigger fall, and with Chris it’s like oh well. Plus there was rumors of past fights that just never came public.

    1. Of course. Before he her, she kicked him in the nuts, spit in his face, and hit him. Rihanna is crazy. I just feel like people should keep their hands to themselves and there won’t be any fights. I feel like she never held herself accountable for the part that she played in it. I still think Chris Brown needs help, but I think that incident made him turn to drugs and now it’s a habit.

    2. Chris even said in his documentary that the Grammy fight wasnt their first fight. They used to put their hands on each other before that as well.

      Chris was still wrong, but I dont think Rih is spotless in that relationship breakdown either.

  5. Jay-Z and Beyonce’s hype is dying down so they’re now using these popular rapper’s to reach the new generation. I wouldn’t trust them at all.

  6. I had a feeling that nicki was making it seem more than what it was every time she talked about jay & bey. It just sounded like it & like you said they haven’t been pictured together either since. I love Nicki but I do think it was wrong for her to ask bey to use that as ammo against remy. Even though she’s a mega star. I know they don’t like their names being in mess. They already give us as little insight as they can now. Unless something comes out or you tell us G. Lol. But I’m glad it’s not personal since she does this to many people. That Giselle is something man.

  7. Who cares, fuck Jay and B, they dying the fuck down right now as we speak anyways, and if I was Nicki I wouldn’t give a fuck

    1. But Bey not fucking with Nicki seems strange too.. She had posted Nicki on her official website this past summer to show an alliance with her when that Cardi situation came up at Bey and Jay concert. I mean celebrities go a few years without seeing each other b/c of there schedules, doesn’t mean they aren’t cool. If that’s the case when was the last time we’ve seen a photo of Nicki and Jay

  8. Nobody remembers when MediaTakeOut was poppin and they reported Rihanna was whoopin Chris ass and his friends didnt like her because she was always trippin? AND they posted a video of her yelling at him and then mushing his face. I definitely believe he hit her but I dont believe it was unprovoked. He also had scratches and she admitted to hitting him

    1. Lmao MTO was like my daily dose of tea mixed with “artificial sugar” lol. They used to be so extra. But I wont deny they broke some stories. I remember some mess like that.

  9. There was an episode dedicated to finding Khloe’s dad. Kris said it was the hairstylist but I didn’t know if it was a lie for tv ratings or what

  10. As many have said on here, J and Giselle are SUPREME opportunists. And are only looking out for themselves. And to me they just seem strange now. Like not real people. When was the last time Beyonce has spoken or given a sound bite? Weird.

  11. I’ve been saying Khloe looks JUST LIKE Alex Roldan for yearssss but no one cares to report on it because he’s not famous of interesting. Seeing it here def confirms it for me!

  12. Interestingly enough I’ve never liked or cared for Giselle & Jay. My sister used to be a hardcore DC fan back in the days. Even when she went solo- up until this day I haven’t listened to one full album of her. I only know the songs that are being played on the radio etc. but I’ve always had the feeling that they’re only in for themselves. I haven’t seen one sincere friendship of them last long. They did Kanye dirty af. Same happening to Nicki. Major opportunitists. I’ll never understand the hype about them and honestly idgaf. God doesn’t like ugly. They’ll get their Karma 🗣I need these other celebs to stop riding their dicks (G&J’s)like this.

    1. Do you think Nicki will ever publicly rant or diss Drake or Beyonce/Jay Z?

      She’s the black sheep in that crew now just like Kanye.

      1. I think a Drake shot is likely. I feel like she was talking about Drake when she was going to announce the “Secret hater of the week” on her show.

        I dont think she will ever diss Jay or Bey if she still values her career. Keri Hilson still hasnt recovered and Ive seen every enemy of Jay get made to look like a hater or bitter, and the same goes for Drakes enemies.

        If she disses one or all of them, its a wrap for her music career essentially. Im not a fan of her music or het antics/public persona so I cant say Id feel bad honestly.

  13. I always imagined they were arguing about some chick, he said something slick and maybe Rihanna slapped the hell out of him and he lost it. Not necessarily Hollyweird, just young, rich, and unsure of how to show real love.

  14. My question is did Remy put anyone else on her diss track? No. The beef was between her and Nicki. If I was bey, I wouldn’t want my name in that mess. She had nothing to do with it🤣 I’m sure jay said that as her manager. Drake shouldn’t have gotten in it either, but it made more sense bc they’re both a part of Cash money. It looks like she can’t fight battles of her own 🤣

    1. Yeah Nicki was wack for that and it proves she cant rap with Remy. Remy had a whole 7 minute song full of bars, and all Nicki gave her a little over a verse and a half, and needed Drake and Wayne to fill out the rest of the song.

      No matter the motivation behind the disses (I dont really care if Remy got paid to diss her), that set Remy on another level as a pure rapper than Nicki to me.

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