August 15, 2022

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97 thoughts on “End Of Year Message From The ICYDK Team ..

  1. Hey G, love your page on the blind item theme can you give us opitions on which celeb you maybe speaking on. A. B. or C girl Iove knowing hate guessing.. it tears my anxiety Happy New Year and keep doing you boo!

  2. Happy New year G. Thank you for all you do. You practically risk your life to give us these teas. I pray that the new year brings you love, health, protection and abundance.
    I would love to NOT hear about Nicki Minaj, Cardi, Drake etc… they are boring. More 90s tea, industry stories, word has it, Ask G (love it), Sugar segments…Love it…

  3. A lot of the stories are repeating for me bc I read them all on the old blog few years back. Love PRdiaries , ask G is alright, but a lot of ppl ask similar questions they could got answers to if they read the other stories on the blog. Also when you reached out to your followers about being their for them anytime to send an email ect..that was really touching and shows how human and compassionate you/your team really is. Thanks for giving me something to read and entertaining during one of the worst years I’ve had in my life. Hny icydkfam

    1. Happy New Year G & Team! I love all of it; especially the vintage sugar. I think because that was an era before social media.

      My only complaint is I noticed the number posts that can be followed has been lowered. I enjoy reading the comments just as much as the posts.

  4. I love it all…there’s variety and that makes it even more exciting. Because ima nasty ting I look forward to HoeTails and Threesomes 😏. Im ready for another year…thank you G & the fam for an amazing year 💋

  5. PR Diaries and HoeTails are the best!!!! Love the blog and can’t wait to see what 2019 bring! Great job and greatly appreciate the entertaining read the last year.

  6. No suggestions at the moment, as I am currently loving everything about the site. Thanks for all you do! 👏🏾👏🏾 Peace and love and Happy New Year!! ✌🏾❤😍

  7. Happy New Year Queen! Health and happiness/ I hate blind sugar. But lovethat you take the spirit of our God and leap forward with truth! Many Blessings in the New Year!

  8. G and team, Thanks for this site! I would love to see a series on old TV shows and other TV Shows with sugar on the entire cast (Fame, different strokes, good times, Missy and Tracey Gold, Kirk and Candace Cameron, Shanice, Nancy Wilson, Chaka, Mikki Howard, the LeVert family) Thanks G

  9. Happy New Year and I’m thankful for being on the blog G, Jayden, & HH💃🏽

    I just can’t stand to see repeated sugar; they can use the search bar for all the crusty Bey, Jay, Nicki all that repeated sugar they asks for
    Can it please be left in 2018?! Let’s start off NEW & FRESH, no repeats. That’s all I desire😌❣️

    1. Could we have an all inclusive membership price for the year? I would like to get the blog, industry inside stuff and maybe be able to ask one or two questions per year? Not necessarily at a discount, just as a bundle so I can do it all at one time. Love the current content!

  10. I enjoy the different segments. It’s so interesting. I did not like the satanic calendar stuff etc I think you should be careful how much detail. You don’t want to be furthuring that agenda unknowingly. I love the ask G hopefully I will submit one oneday.

  11. I love everything that you post here, G. Keep it up! I wish you and the Sugarbabies a very happy new year!! Love and blessings from Amsterdam ❤

  12. Love everything about this site! Truly nothing like it around. Love Industry Advice and Word Has It are my fave. But basically the whole site is amazing. Keep up the fantastic job. We love you G! Happy New Year to you and the team!

  13. I love this site!! You guys are so accurate! I love when I run into things that is proof to what you said!! The only thing I can say is my questions, never are answered. Other than great job guys

  14. I love this site & all the info you give out.. I alway wanted to be in the entertainment field in the late 90’s – early 2000’s & your pr stories & knowledge makes me feel like I was apart of the private side!!! Thanks alot G & all the best to you & the ICYDK fam for 2019..

  15. G and staff. I love all that you all do. I love your blog and will break my sleep to read about all that you post. I hope that the Lord protects you and keeps you safe! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  16. I just want to say that I love the blog & everything that comes with it. Keep up all you do because G you’re honestly the best at what you do. There is no other place where you could get this info.

  17. Been a member almost a year now and I love it. Hoetails, PR diaries and Word Has it are faves. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the blind items revealed eventually. Happy New Year to You and the crew!

  18. Everything is great! Thank you for all you do. But I do agree with most about more stories from the 90’s or even before that! I worn out about Cardi and Nicki lol but still tune in lmao! Love yah G

  19. Happy New Year. Thanks for everything, all the research you do to validate your tea and providing us the truth.
    I will continue to say, I don’t believe it until Gina say it.

  20. Happy New Year G and team from Oakland, ca! I appreciate the honesty and realness you guys give to us. Honestly I would like to see more personal stories from your experience in the industry not just the parties but your office interactions as well like maybe even start from the your early days up until the point of you leaving. To me it’s what sets you apart from other blogs and most of us here are rooting for you to shine your light so it’s nice to read that personal touch….or you could just hold out on us and write a book I’d def buy! 😀

  21. I love the “Ask G” and “PR Diaries” .. I remember a while back you use to do Inspirational posts.. you can do that again.

  22. I love it all! My favourites are the mansion party stories and blind sugar even tho I need to use the comment section for help!

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