October 4, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 12/30/18

  1. 26 – I forgot the name of that celeb that’s been in the news this week. I’ll circle back.

    27 – Jordyn (mother of Tristan Thompson’s son)

  2. #26 Unwine with Tasha K… And isn’t she pregnant??? I always thought she was more bark than bite anyway… All that damn hollering she does when talking…

    1. I known this was going to happen to her. She should have stop talking about that girl. After that girl went off on her in October, she should have stop after that. She having a baby now she have to worry about being sue.

  3. I do like Jordy, she’s bomb! I admired her composure/ability to be unbothered especially after ALL of the SUBS that the ‘A’ list reality star was throwing at her! Even had the ‘A’ list reality star’s MUA at the time Joyce Bonelli (now former and totally sidelined by the whole K-J family), throwing HELLA DIRECT shade on social media.

    But the ‘A’ lister received public, SWIFT and crazy KARMA….. God doesn’t like ugly!!!!

  4. Unwine with Tasha is very likely or maybe LovelyTi? Alot of back and forth drama was happening with these two the last few months.

    1. I was thinking this too especially after his last rant talking about 69 baby mother .. and people are always saying he runs off at the mouth way to much ..
      That girl Tasha from YouTube has been acting up also 🤔

  5. Tasha dumb she in Atlanta and should know the stories about Offset from the past 😳 she thought she was gonna get Nicki attention and have the adoration of the Barbs for going after Cardi. Neither worked and she got attacked for it and lost friends so she went harder trying to prove her point. You know she was scared that’s why she announced she was pregnant so soon. Most 36 year old women wouldn’t at only 8 weeks.

  6. I ain’t even think 1 was TASHA K!
    I’m thinking bout FUNKY DENEVA talking bout BLUE IVY!!!!!! but y’all just might be RIGHT AF

  7. I knew that was gonna happen with Tasha too. She got way ahead of herself. I don’t watch her but I’ve heard about her months ago & seen a few things others said & posted of her. Gotta watch that mouth sometimes.

  8. #26 has to be Tasha K……I think she was already sent a warning when she was in a car wreck a few months ago
    #27 Tristan BM Jordan……who would want that community peen and possibly catch something you can’t get rid of??? Its true when they say everybody screws everybody in the industry…….smh

  9. Lucky Jordy, we all deserve that hell!😂
    I’m not mad at her and she not running his pockets down so everyone should be good!
    She seem to keep her business personal and only show what she want people to see. She stronger than Khloe who be locking men in contracts due to her insecurities!🤭

  10. What pity card did Jordy play when she never once spoke on the situation? And how come in this article you’re saying after she changed her body to please him he still left her for a reality star but you’ve been defending Khloe saying that’s not the case and Khloe didn’t steal him, they were already broken up?

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