August 16, 2022

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125 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Ig Models VS Fly Out Girls Vs Contract Girls Vs Company Girls

  1. G what about Marlo Hampton I noticed she had a pyramid on her back when she was getting zipped up and and Porsha Nenee I’m so worried about Gregg being a sacrifice and Tyra banks I noticed life size 2 had a lot of stuff and pushing the agenda

    1. Marlo ass still aint even at 1 million followers she a ig thot looking for a sugar daddy. I thought the dirty busted her out for being on the sugar daddy site

  2. What about India love? I used to follow her when I was in high school and remember she was with The Game. These days I believe she is with Will. I.Am. Also KarinJinsu. I’m not sure but I think she been throwing up sixes. She is super slick so I’ve been watching out for more clues lol

    1. Bernice is a company girl now but if Bernice played her cards right I think she gonna get some legit money and be on it like Amber. Lo key Drake and Meek may both give her some money for her business. She still good with them both. One thing about Bernice she didn’t really burn any bridges

  3. Matter of fact she be trying to clout chase she a instragram model plus damn i dont know what she got goign on lol she dont have that many followers

  4. What about brittanya187 she been around si ce rock of love but she pretty popular on ig and no longer with her husband

  5. Okay, one. Can somebody tell me what a blood sacrifice is? I’m not understanding that.

    And then as far as the IG model that I want to know about, that would be Bernice. Is she in one of these categories?

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