October 4, 2022

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53 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 12/27/18

  1. #21 – R jelly and his ex wife
    #22 – not sure
    #23 – Mariah Carey & Ariana Grande
    #24 – Drake, Trey songz & nebby

      1. That was my first thought. I heard now he’s facing charges for owning a pet monkey or something like that

  2. I hope she goes down, no lie. She has shady written all over her ugly face lol. Give that man his name back if you’re so torn up🙄

  3. Sheesh I couldn’t figure out a single one. I’ve got to get my sugar knowledge up! Come on y’all I’m counting on you all to pull me through in these sugar cubes.

  4. What do you mean by private corporate holiday parties? Sex parties? Or actual parties? You can never be to sure with celebrities lol

    1. I think Chris Brown because a friend of his is facing sexual allegations as we speak and Chris may be in trouble because he supposedly is trying to get the “Jane Doe” to keep quite!! He’s also facing charges right now because of a illegal 🐒 he has!!

  5. I think the last one is Drake/trey songz and the ex is that girl nebby who drake was with before he was famous. I think I heard she was engaged & also I think it was posted on the blog that she was a reason drake and trey fell out because trey was trying to smash knowing that she was drake first love and claiming to be his friend.

  6. #21 Andrea Kelly (R. Kelly)
    #22 Chris Brown
    #23 Mariah Carey (Ariana Grande)
    #24 Not sure but possibly Meek & Drake (Nicki)

  7. #23 is Mariah and nobody can possibly believe that Ariana Grande can compare to Mariah Carey. Not taking away from her talents, but there can only be one Mimi

    1. That’s prob another reason why Lori’s exes are throwing unnecessary shade… they know something she doesn’t..🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. Andrea got some explaining to do. And to think, me and my shipmates were at that damn loft and came this close of becoming one of her ex-husband’s victims.

  9. 1. R. Kelly and his Ex-wife
    2. Chris Brown
    3. Mariah Carey and Arianna Grande
    4. Drake and that girl. I believe G did a story on this woman. She was morrocan or middle eastern descent. Drake played games with her and always tried to make her jealous or some sort.

  10. 21- definitely Andrea Kelly….smh
    22- Chris brown. Only bc I remember the exotic animal he has
    23- Mimi-I hope she stays alive longer than her deceased counterparts
    24- not sure ….the only A1 rapper I know of is drake…

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