October 4, 2022

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54 thoughts on “The Truth About The 20 Million Dollar Club

  1. I disagree that jay z and Beyoncé haven’t given up a blood sacrifice. Their first child. Doesn’t count? Sounds crazy but we don’t know how far she was. Babies are very desirable. Think about the American horror story child episode with the kids. Also the stem cells.

    1. Agree, she has already sacrifice a child or two. I also believe they will be raising at least one of their kids as transgendered too.

      1. Omg I hope not I just wish they would stop forcing that down these babies throats it’s so sad

      2. Now that you’re mentioned this, I am wondering if that means Charlize Theron is in on this as well as she is raising her child to be the opposite sex. Same with Angelina Jolie. I am sure they are

  2. These elites really play god smh and these celebs do all that just to eventually get pushed out when they reach a certain age or lose they stamina! Crazy!

    And Jennifer Hudson should hate herself cause she sacrificed her mother, nephew, and brother I think and STILL hasn’t reached top notch success. People acknowledge her amazing voice but they ain’t selling out her shows as if she was Whitney who she was SUPPOSE to replace smfh

    1. Cuz Jenn is brown skinned and she sacrificed 3 people and didn’t get anywhere in always wondered if they frame his nephews father for the murders interviews he is adamant that he didn’t do it and I kind of believe him

      1. She’s worth 20 million, okay. But you wrote that it equates to 10 years at the top. So are they interchangeable? I’m a little lost. Because not only did she sacrifice her mom, if what’s being said is true, then she sacrificed other family members. So was their sacrifice for nothing? I guess I just have questions.

      1. Did her looks play a part in not becoming bigger too ? Like remember she was bigger and didn’t really fit the industry’s beauty standard. Doesn’t that have a big impact on your success as well ?

    2. When that happened with Jennifer family I didnt know about the illuminati like that….but I always thought she had something to do with it …… like something in my spirit was speaking to me . I cant really explain it. Then, several years later I started reading about the music industry, I think a pastor put out video and was talking about it

      1. Agreed. Because in this case, then the brother-in-law had to have had something to do with the elites as well, right? And that just doesn’t sound right. In the other cases, there was accidental death surrounding it and some mystery. But with this they knew who it was. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    3. That’s why some of the stuff I dispute. I’m glad I’m a person that questions everything and just doesn’t believe every single thing. Because what was written up top was that if you sacrifice your mom it’s 10 years at the top. When has she had 10 years at the top?! And her family was killed a while ago. She’s been on The Voice. Okay. That’s nothing to be super ecstatic about. And as far as her music career, I don’t really know where that’s gone.

    1. I am only reporting babe I don’t usually like including people with cancer but when you look at the satanic ritual calendar it says something about casting the spell of sickness on someone. Me personally i refuse to believe Nas did that bu that’s what they say

      1. Gina is it true that bruce Jenner didn’t want to sacrifice any of his kids so he sacrificed his manhood and became Caitlyn?

      2. Hmm I don’t think so. Bruce has wanted to come out as a women for many years but that’s a good question. I am not sure you can take that. Maybe that’s an humiliation ritual

  3. Is there anyway to not give up your parents? Do you get to choose who you sacrifice or they tell you who they want to take from you? There’s always like random family members for some but the major stars it’s their parents or none at all. How does that even work

    1. They have done it in other ways the $20 million dollar shot is a one shot deal.Most of the ones who did not sacrifice their mother may have sacrificed someone else or they are making them so much money it covers a sacrifice. It’s weird I am not sure 100% how it works but it is real

  4. Wow very scary what people will do for money and fame. I wonder how much it weighs on them about what they did, if it even does. Kanye’s breakdowns have a lot to do with his mother I believe. I wonder if they get haunted by their family members too I have so many thoughts on this sigh.

    1. I think they are haunted. You can’t do something like this to people and not expect a payback from the other side. They basically had a hand in murder(technically). The souls of the deceased aren’t at peace going out like that. So they are restless. If I was one taken out for this bullcrap, every time they look in the mirror I would be looking back saying boo! 😂😂

    1. I noticed the same thing. Seems pretty weird because kim seemed to do a good job of keeping them somewhat low key. We knew of them but it was never over the top or too invasive, it seems like we’ll be seeing much more of them from here on out. Plus it doesn’t seems natural, it feels pretty orchestrated, I could be wrong though 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. G I get the strangest feeling about the Smiths, for some reason I just can’t rock with them and I absolutely refuse to watch Jada’s red table or whatever that crap is called 🙄. Please do more on them, I can’t put my finger on it but something with that family is just totally off to me. Thanks for keeping us in the loop! You’re the best! 😉

  6. This is so sad and depressing. Kanye gave up his mom, but did it work? NO. The man has NO peace. His mental illness and conscious is whipping his azz. JHUD gave up mom, brother and nephew. Did it work? NO. I can’t tell you the last time Jennifer had a hit and was popping. Getting witchy for NOTHING. When you go the witchy way all this crap is temporary. Do better.

  7. I saw on you tube when one of the twins went to the hospital she sacrificed the baby’s soul for the on the run 2 tour

  8. It always eats me up cause I sworn solange was pregnant TWICE????? that’s been eating me up for yearsssssss AM I TRIPPIN?????

    I know that’s random lol

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