September 29, 2022

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48 thoughts on “Here is Part 2 Of the Video ( They stopped me from Posting)

  1. I need the name of this man’s YouTube page I love the way he describes everything in full and adds visual examples of what he talking about to prove he speaking facts! What is his YouTube name or IG Page so I can definitely subscribe/follow?

  2. Poor Aaliyah she was enjoying the fame and attention you can tell but she still was a young girl at the end of the day who fell victim to these sneaky old men! Also sounds like Jay for once did love Someone other than himself and was the one who loved Aaliyah truly. Bey just a fill in for the money aspect but not the emotional aspect.

    1. Yeah I believe he loved Aaliyah and that’s the only women he truly loved. Him and bey grew to love each other. I think he loved rih too

    2. But Jay cheated on her. I think it was more of a thing of pride than love. He lost Aaliyah to Dame thinking she’d stay and take whatever he dished out.

  3. I read in a post that Giselle”s Cousin Angie was her surrogate. Which explains the genetic aspect of Blu of birth

  4. But a surrogate doesn’t need to be related to any of the parents she just carry the baby so what is he talking about?

    1. Exactly! They may have opted for the embryo to be created using the intended father’s sperm and the intended mother’s eggs. Then inseminated into the surrogate.

  5. He does seem very credible, a lot of what he’s saying makes sense. The only problem I have is him calling Solonge Sloane 😂 other than that he’s alright with me. As for Bey being under hypnosis I completely agree! I’ve always said she looks soulless almost as if she’s vacant from her body. Everything about this is sad…the things these celebrities do for fame and money. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. But this video was made in 2014 and since then nor Rachel Roy or Juelz has been sacrificed so what is it ?

  7. Ok first imma need somebody to flash a light in B’s eye….the sunken place is real….second agree with the other comments. I think Jay loved Aaliyah but didn’t know how to Love at his age. I think he does love Beyonce but in a I love you not an I’m in love with you way. At this point I’m sure it’s a companion thing for the brand rather than emotions.

  8. Am I the only one that watched that & came to the conclusion that Aaliyah was Jay’s big sacrifice. All of his major accomplishments and business deals (including Def Jam president) was after 2001. He’s super calculated and petty so I do believe he would be vindictive enough to take Aaliyah by any means to hurt Dame, then do it again by repeatedly sleeping with Rachel…

    while quietly making deals and strategizing with Lyor Cohen to put the very egotistical and cocky Dame Dash out. By removing Jay’s career out of Dame’s control, agreeing with Dame & Burke to sell 50% of RocAFella to Def Jam and then becoming CEO shortly after so he can retain control all of his masters from Def Jam, removing Dame out of ownship, then start his own label (Roc Nation) & taking Dame’s most profitable artist (Kanye).

    Shakespeare couldn’t dream up this kind of drama in his best play lol 😂

  9. G, where is Solange? She’s been away from the scene since OTR II started, but her son has been with her mom, sister or even Angie most of the time. Do you think they put Solange away? It seems like when the Carters have big release tour or album, Solange missing from social events, and social media.

    1. I know right like what really going on with her. I remember last year she was supposed to do the New Year’s Eve thing in Africa but couldn’t because of something she wasn’t feeling well. Honestly that’s who bey seems to be taking after nowadays especially style wise her and rih

  10. This shit blows my mind every time. 🤯 it’s scary, creepy, unreal, to think this stuff can really happen is petrifying. And the reasons they do it are even more scary.
    So if dame sacrificed liyah do we all agree it was for nothing ? Cause he doesn’t even have the fame and money he really wanted since jay picked the white man over him. So he cut this beautiful talents life short for not a thing. I know that shit weighs on him everyday. I wonder how these people cope knowing the shit they did. My demons would eat me alive and make me go crazy.

  11. Oh and G since you’re saying bey never gave anyone up as of yet. Will she have to or are their ways around it like a loophole. Something else she could do. And was the elevator thing a humiliation ritual you think ?

    1. No ma’am, don’t go there. She really had cancer…he didn’t sacrifice, Chandra. I know his family and…just…pray for strength for her daughters because they are without BOTH parents. Aug is about to step up and help raise those girls

      1. Again. I did not say i believe it, I am just giving yall the real behind the scenes talk. I would never say that, personally I forgot his mom passed

  12. Im curious to know who these people are that know so much but cant pronounce names correctly, some of this shit is just far fetched, like who is this man and he just said he didnt know id they slept together, but you know all this info about Beyonce at 14.. Im not buying this shit

    1. That’s how I feel. Like he know what they were talking about on the elevator. Them cameras usually don’t have audio on them and Bey and Jay’s camp are tight under NDA forms. Who on that elevator said what was going on under a nda? Like I have so many questions. Everybody ain’t that gullible to believe everything being said 😂

      1. Rest assure, people got fired remember that and those audio’s will be revealed someday or a person that got fired will eventually open their mouth. As proven with the video nobody is too above being ousted or they woulf have never let the video out> Yeah they still have power now, what about 10 years from now?

    2. A lot of it’s far fetched but trust me. I can’t say what is true and what isn’t but I will say this. IF I NEVER LIVED IT? I WOULD THINK ALL OF IT IS FAKE. But it is very real. That is why they don’t care who makes the videos and who puts the message out there because they know people that are not in that world will not believe it

  13. Great Video. 1. Give us back Aaliyah and you can have Dash. 2. I have never heard this theory about the elevator but it makes a lot of sense. 3. Damn he Straight said Miss Tina the Devil herself. 4. I thought sacrifices were people who meant something to you, so why would RR be a sacrifice for J and B?

    1. At the time that video was made Rachel was still cool with Jay. That is why it is off now Rachel is not friends with them anymore.

  14. During the fight scene in the elevator, Bey is allowing Sloane (lol) to attack Jay, it isn’t until Jay attempts to retaliate that Bey steps in. I believe she allowed her to act out how, she truly wanted to behave herself.

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