October 3, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Christmas Hot Takes

  1. so wait. who is a dating a woman? Might as well spill it out lol. Did they uncover other things about Kevin Spacey?

  2. RiRi is still a paid hooker for this Arab. There is no relationship. G, do you know anything about that Jeanie Mai chick from the Real? She has been spending time in Saudi Arabia recently and she is changing her physique to look thicker to increase her profitability

    1. Lmao, Arabs love black women. He definitely doesn’t have to pay for sex. Will they get married? Not sure because of who he is and who she is. Saudi wouldnt want this relationship to turn to marriage. They like to keep things in secret..

    2. Hmmm… interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised. These people would be surprised to know how many celebs are being pimped out even when they still are multi millionaires.

      1. Fact. Remember the blind item the other day alluded to Sophia being insecure about her body cuz of her relationship? I can definitely see her saying no out of fear of Scott enjoying Kourtney too much

  3. I know this is off topic, but can you do a full story on Al B Sure, what really happened to his career.. for someone so talented he should have been bigger. I was watching his unsung he’s responsible for so many artist and music, I can’t see why he collapsed.. and also do Quincy really fuck with him like that or is it a front for whatever.

      1. Wesley Snipes was the one who abused Halle and damaged her ear. She dated Christopher but he didn’t beat her. He was abusing Stacey Dash

  4. Hassan will never marry Rihanna, his family will never allow it, he will end up marrying a Muslim Saudi woman. Rihanna is a black carefree « Christian » woman who’s very open about her sexuality etc. And honestly I hope he’ll not marry her because Saudi are really the worst people in the world. I’m not saying Hassan is like that but his family sure is.

    1. I can see this. Kinda like what happened with Janet and her now ex husband. Us fans were rooting for her but dude was still a Muslim man who probably has certain standards/expectations.

  5. Erica and Safaree relationship bseem fake and force. It’s all a facade to me.

    Justin is a simp. He can’t leave that woman alone!🤦🏾‍♀️

    Offset and Cardi B’s relationship is pure fuckery and a joke. She is better off without him, but the woman is an idiot. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    I think Sophia the one that said no. I think it has been mentioned Kourtney like messing around with women.

    I don’t see Hassan and Rihanna making it…. IMO

    The fact that it is known around Hollywood about Kevin Spacey fucked up ways, and he was still able to have a successful career is disgusting. SMH

  6. Lmao at the Bieber line. He’ll never get over her. Him and Hailey look awkward as hell together. They need to just end it already.

  7. Between the holidays and WORK I’m JUST catching up lol I’m so excited! N I seen this video of Kevin spacey that gave me the CHILLS n he basically taunting someone and making a mockery…. Along with confirming he IS A FUCKN PEDOPHILE creep!

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