October 6, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Ask G The Sugar Is In The Answers, Satanic Calendar, Taraji vs Nia, American Horror Story,Karrueche and Drake

  1. So the roots are around on the fuckery but have not sold their souls? And the elite lets them do this because they know they won’t say nothing and let they are okay with being their token blacks? Is this what you’re saying? Someone please confirm 😩

  2. Ok so lebron saying nfl owners are “old white men” with slave mentality but isn’t the nba the same way?. What’s that about? And now his producer mad because he quoted 21 savage lyrics “we been getting that Jewish money”😂

    1. I agree however NBA owners aren’t as outspoken as NFL owners with the “I own you” narrative. The NFL, in my opinion, is like modern-day slavery. NFL players endure more physically that causes life-long problems but are compensated less. The big-time NBA players can take a stand on a lot of social issues and not have the ownership publicly bash them, whereas the NFL will always have a Jerry Jones threaten Cowboys players with immediate dismissal and collude with other owners to blackball them from playing again.

  3. this is off topic, but was Orlando Brown set up to do drugs before he got interviewed by Dr.Phil? I was rooting for him , i think we all were after the video he posted of himself in rehab 🙁

    1. I think he went to rehab after filming Dr. Phil. His episode on Dr. Phil was probably filmed a few weeks or even months ago.

  4. Hello G, I’m a devoted Sugar baby. I always check the blog religiously ..lol.. I have so many questions in mind but the only one i am mighty curious about at the moment is regarding Macaulay Culkin. Aside from the Drug abuse is there any other stories on him?

  5. Ok thanks for the answers, I’ll for sure be on the look out for the fulls. I watched several videos with Bobby Hemitt and oh boy from Public Enemy that speak on the Hollywood and black Boule and the rituals. Thanks again g. I’ll be looking for them hun

  6. Misa Hylton was 16 when she had Justin and Puffy was 24? They are commonly referred to as high school sweethearts. Why is it that everyone was so comfortable with them being together and she was clearly underage?

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