October 5, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Friday – “Hot Takes”

  1. Hailey doesn’t look like she is really into Justin IMHO. I agree it seem like their relationship won’ last. Everything happened so fast, and I think Hailey was a rebound for him, because Selena dumped him again. I wonder what Justin andaHailey issues are stemming from?

    Why does Travis suck at directing? What has he directed?

    Janet needs to put this baby rumor to rest and come out with the full truth! This supposed daughter she have, has been a rumor for YEARS! There has to be some truth to it.

    Offset and Cardi B is a joke, both are so annoying. SMH… If she actually leaves Offset, I believe no one would be checking for him anymore. That would be his fear. Being with her continues to give him the fame he wants. Before her, everyone was mostly checking for Quavo from Migos, he gets with her, his celeb status rises.

    Blac Chyna is gross to me. Nothing about her is attractive or appealing. 🤢😨

    Not really feeling like Arianna like that, but you cannot deny this woman can SING. She has been compared to Mariah several times. Mariah is a legend. She has nothing to prove, but oh well. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. I just dont wanna believe MC is on the hit list. Ariana is good but she isn’t great. I just dont wanna believe one can’t resist without the other. Mariah honestly should write for Ariana.

  3. I’m not understanding what Jamesis getting out of this. She’s got her hands full with the new baby; if the rumor is true and she confesses that’s a whole lot of unnecessary paparazzi.

    1. There are no rumors period!!! Janet better hurry up and open her damn mouth or she will suffer more than just her son! If Janet don’t open her mouth about her daughter, in some kind of fixation, besides Reneé Elizondo, James will give word to Wissam Al Mana and all hell will break loose! You can’t do no more damage to the DeBarge Family. Money don’t fazed them no more, so what’s left? The damn truth!

  4. Who are the top 2 photos of?

    I feel like Kim should simmer down because I keep forgetting about the Drake thing – just another man on the hit list. I question if it’s reall Kim that’s mad or Ye.

    I’m really happy for Lori Harvey but I question if she and Trey were “caught” on purpose.

  5. Cardi and Offset’s breakup did not seem fake, but the apology at her concert was staged. They were probably already back together at that point.

  6. Travis does not care what anyone has to say about the Super Bowl. He is all about fame and fortune now. He will probably use the performance to propose to Kylie.

  7. Blac Chyna is a mess she let anybody hit.

    Who do Jay-Z think he is? Now after Kanye talks to Travis he do too lol.

    I don’t think offset and Cardi was fake but hey she took him back so anything after that…

    Future kissing and telling nobody told him to make that video about Lori

    So do Janet have a baby or not shit? I know you did a post about it back in like season 5 or 6 but what’s tea?

  8. I feel like Jay simply doesn’t want Travis to perform bc his negotiations fell threw with the SB. If you’re really boycotting the NFL, then why do you represent NFL players on Roc Nation sports & still attend NFL games?
    Just like you’re boycotting the Grammys yet sent in all those songs for recognition, including the song where you said f*** the Grammys?

    If you want to take a stand for something, that means completely disassociating with it. If you still benefit financially or for exposure by still affiliating yourself then sit down & collect your check bc you look silly & a hypocrite

    This Josh Gordon thing I don’t understand. So these females, especially these two that get around that knowingly sleep with these athletes & rappers to where a small percentage are faithful anyways or better off waiting until they’re retired think putting someone on blast for cheating on SM is now somehow making any situation better. Especially someone with mental health issues & now with that silly post with the comments disabled wants to play victim? You publicly humiliated a person who already has issues & now want sympathy?

    With JG history, especially when he was on the Browns was always using & is a legit addict in & only knows drugs to cope with his mental issues & was showing up to games & practices high so it’s not much to trigger someone to relapse if that’s indeed the reason however I suspect he was already using bc for certain players the NFL drug tests anyways a lot more often than others so another positive test was coming anyways sooner or later

    1. Totally agree with you about the Jay-Z not wanting Travis to perform at Super Bowl. I guess he want to Super Bowl to try to keep off his deactivation. I heard Meek Mill tweeted or said something about Travis but at the same time running around with Robert Kraft.

  9. It’s crazy how they really molded Ariana to be Mariah 2.0. From the way she talks, sings, does interviews, her makeup, hair, styling, mannerisms, tone etc… she reminds me of Mariah. I’m not a fan of either, both annoying imo…. but imma still call a spade when I see it.

  10. *sighs* Cardi and Offset. I REALLY wish Cardi could actually get out because dude IS cheating on her. But honestly if this is a PR stunt, this says a lot about her regular chic persona. I think G kinda touched on that on insta page.
    Lori Harvey REALLY gets around. I wonder what Steve thinks about that lol.
    Hailey and Justin won’t make it. I say by spring it will be dunzo.

    1. I think Cardi is a very good liar I remember when her and Nicki was going back and forth and she swore that Rah didnt cause that knot and Nicki said she’s very convincing I believed she lied. The whole IG announcement thing seem staged the whole I miss sucking d post and then boom y’all in PR he’s a cheater and for now she’s with it it’s simple shit. His album was dropping I think that’s why they initially did it but then realized it wasn’t going to sell either way so they had to save face and keep it going. I haven’t heard a peep about his album since. Shit wack if she’s lying.

      1. True. But honestly, deep down I don’t think it’s a PR stunt. I think she truly wanted to leave ole boy. But like so many, can’t stay away from the mistreatment.

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