October 5, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 12/23

  1. Kim Kanye Kylie & Travis
    Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas
    Wendy Williams
    __________ & Cardi B the Super Bowl. Still trying to figure out the A-List singer

    1. Rih Rih I’m torn on bc although she was against the NFL for Colin, she also was done with the NFL years ago on how they were playing her music in light of the domestic violence a player was involved in

      1. They said she just said it was about Colin but it is actually about her wanting to get paid and the NFL doesn’t pay you to perform at half time so idk her issue at this point. seems brattish.

  2. 🙌🏽 for comments, because I always miss 1. In this case Priyanka and Nick… and after it’s always like how the hell did I miss that! Lol

  3. Cue old videos of Travis talking crazy about Mike Brown on Twitter resurface. Kim ain’t shit for real. This blog is amazing

  4. Kim K, Kylie and Travis

    Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

    Wendy Williams

    Rihanna, lost to Katy Perry, Cardi B is the new rapper considered this year

  5. 13. Kim’s ass, jealous of Kylie of course
    14. I didn’t not know
    15. P.O. Wendy…. she better leave Kevin NEEEOOWW
    16. Ummm Mariah? Is she mad Travis Scott was asked to to Super Bowl Half-time show?

  6. Hey…in unrelated news… Cardi has a video up on live IG and guess what she did? Threw up the ol’ three fingers up, circle around the eye symbol. I have never seen her do that…. so here we go.

  7. 13. Kimye vs kyvis
    14. Ms Samuels
    15. Wendy Williams
    16. Ariana Grande is mad about Grammys and Cardi B

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