October 5, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Tuesday Hot Takes 11/19/18

  1. Omg so sick of amber I wish she find one man and go hide some place🤦🏽‍♀️ And Adrianna to she getting on my nerves she judos from one man to other like amber they should be BFF. 🤦🏽‍♀️😩

      1. She’s had plenty of beards. I subscribed to Enty’s podcast the created of blind items. His website is crazy days and nights. He did a mini podcast on Kendall. He goes through countless beards.

  2. Wiz got beefed up baby ion blame her but ion know how wiz feels about her. I do respect that he never bashes her for the public.

    1. He stopped bashing her. When they first broke up he was showing video clips of how nasty she kep the house. He was being petty but then it’s like they came to some agreement because suddenly the bashing stopped.

  3. Chileee Ashanti yachting 🤭.
    Tristan tryna gtd huh 🤭 I wonder if jordy will let him. I lowkey want her to just so khloe can be salty yet again but I don’t want her disrespecting herself just to prove a point.
    Wbk safaree & her were Mona’s work smh.
    I really hope blac doesn’t do that first of all she’s way older than her she’s lettin this young lady press her. And second she will sue the brakes off of chy she think she just lost her business now.

  4. 🤔 That song for Michael Jackson was recorded by Kim Fields. So he was in love with her? She was all on the radio and stuff with that song.

  5. What Kylie going to do?(serious question) Chyna kind of did that to herself she should’ve just moved on from the whole family maybe her mental would have been in a better place but hey that’s them. Amber said she misses the strip club. I swear her and Chyna pop up in the media same time every time their fame stops. After 21savage amber really lost it.

  6. Erica better level up cause sooner or later, she anit gonna make no money and then she gonna go crazy and depression gonna kick in. She a beautiful girl so hopefully she finds a baller to take care of her and her son. Or she create a business or something all I see her doing is this reality stuff. That’s not gonna last forever.

  7. Amber is pretty but she comes off desperate and annoying…as does Chyna. I think that C tried so hard to align herself with the K klan bc they take care of their family and friends, but she neither liked nor loved Rob and ended up with a beautiful spite baby that she thought was gonna insure her spot. Tristen is lame…Jordyn can probably do better than he and Tyga.

  8. Reginae and Emily daughter (forgot her name) out here wildin.. it’s nothing wrong with having fun jus don’t be loose and get used up.. eventually they gonna move on to big ballers like athletes they like money just like tiny daughter

  9. Amber needs to find something to do.. I like her but she’s getting to old for this. I don’t think wiz would fuck with her like that again. I could be wrong.

  10. Ashanti tea I’m surprised and sad about the most. 😫 She is such a beautiful woman, and haven’t found someone to settle down yet. That’s crazy to me.

  11. Ashanti must be bored or going through some type of crisis because she don’t need the money. She gotta be doing it for the thrill…..crazy and sad.

    Amber is soooo annoying! She need to do like Penelope Cruz and Catherine ZJ and marry an old rich man and fall back. Take the rich life and leave fame alone. It ain’t working boo.

    Blac Chyna is bitter. Get over it! Stop trying to fight family. Kylie that chick, she young, made money moves…..just stop hating. Blac is going to shame her beautiful daughter and possibly ruin Dreams relationships with the family. Not cool.

    I don’t understand why Kendall on the low! Who cares if she’s bi or gay?!? Kourt said she like girls… I don’t get it. I guess Kendall like her privacy. I can’t be madd at that.

    1. Chicago hood rapper. Currently sleeping with Fa and EMS daughter. They’ve been fighting with his ex on IG all week.

  12. I loved her and wiz. Shit I’d love to know what happened to wiz cuz he def fell off, was he not down for the rituals?

    1. His ppl wasn’t rocking with that move…I don’t think it will happen. I would love to know his story… I was a huge fan back in the day.. the music just doesn’t stick anymore 🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. Ashanti do be in Dubai alot she said she has a special friend out there 😂 Far as Emily daughter it’s crazy she wants to be a side chick homewrecker after all her mother been through with Fab.

  14. Amber, Chyna, and Ariana please ALL hold hands and board the ship that takes you to far far away land… A one way ticket. So tired of these broads. Noooooo Ashanti! Girl, if it is THAT bad it is time for you to get back in school get a degree and get a civilian job.

  15. Lmao G !! I never comment on here, but first off let me just say I fuck with you and this blog! The ACTUAL FACTUALS 😩😩 these IG blogs be so stale with their tea 😀 anywho, I love the hot takes section ! I get my lil dose of tea ☕️ every time 😩 I need amber and wiz together idc idc, and Blac Chyna, 🤦🏾‍♀️ lordt 🙄

  16. Got dammit I knewwwww I just Erica n safaree was just for LHH smh…..

    N lawdddddd black chyna DONT DO IT!!!! you will nevaaaaaa be able to bounce back from that one smh

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