August 16, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Segment 3

    1. 09 – I think Tamar and Steve Harvey…Idk
      10 – Amber Rose….she’s so trifling with all her sneaking behind ppl backs to get men and stay relevant.
      11 – Sophie Ritchie and Scott Lord
      12 – Idk…maybe Odell

  1. Arrianna and Jimmy Fallon
    Cardi B
    Sophia Richie
    Aaron whatever his last name is that’s dating Danica Patrick

  2. 09 I thought could be Tamar and Steve…but now…it could be Arianna and Jimmy…
    10 – totally slut walk Amber Rose lol
    11 – Sophie all the way…I saw the pics….Ik he wanted to do Kim
    12 – OBJ….or Im with the other choice Aaron Rogers and Danica…both playing for same team but not each other…i never see them act affectionate or kiss

  3. I’ve always been confused as to wtf is a beard??? 🤨🧐🤔 how can Kendall ( or anybody for that matter) be a beard?? 😩😩😩

    1. They say beards make a man look more manly so when you hear a female is a man’s “beard” it means she’s being used to look straight when he’s gay

  4. I can’t see 10 being Cardi nor did I think Sofia and Scott we’re engaged…ugh…I hate Aaron Rogers is gay bc 1- he is an awesome QB and 2- he is so sexy to me…*cries in the car

  5. Aaron Rodgers. The comment “worn a beard in the past” Gave it away because now he only wears a stache 😢😢. Only white boy I find attractive. Damn Damn Damn !

  6. #12 is Aaron Rodgers, Danica Patrick’s husband. To my understanding they are using each other as beards. He’s gay and she’s a closeted lesbian. I like the play on words because he did shave his beard off lol

  7. It cant be Amber, she said the 2 doesn’t know about each other. Isnt she always posted with the guy that looks and dresses like her?

  8. Amber Rose was never a reality tv star, it’s Cardi B. The point of blind items are exposing celebs unbelievable behavior that occurs behind closed doors.

  9. I just wanted to throw it out there….

    CARDI IS NOT THE ANSWER TO NONE OF THESE BLIND ITEMS…. none of them. But I do believe the answers are:

    -Ariana Grande
    -Sophie Riche and Scott
    -IDK lol

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