September 26, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Oh Shit! I Didn’t Know

  1. I loved Kevin and Howie from TBSB. Something about Caucasian guys with dark/black hair. 😍 They are both still fine when I read something recently about them… Lol

    I watched 702 unsung episode and Irish was with him for 7 years during their early teenage years. I was surprised to learn that as well. I believe she is a twin too, her twin sister passed.

    Rick James unsung episode mentioned this lady as well. I wonder if Teena Marie was the love of his life. She loved him dearly from what I’ve read and they spoke briefly about their relationship on there too.

  2. Yes true fans know that She’s Always in My Hair was about JJ.

    Rick I thought made a couple of songs about LB. He was crazy about her.

  3. Am I the only one annoyed by Ray j’s singing voice????I always cringe when I hear him sing he makes my ears bleed. Sorry he should stick to acting

  4. So between all these public ass relationships Ray j had between ananda kk whitney and Irish when tf did he ever date t Marie or was that a love and hip hop story line?

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