September 26, 2022

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39 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Kanye, “I Don’t Have Handlers Anymore”

  1. I feel like everyone’s being really hard on pete without realizing how much BPD plays a roll in almost everything that he does (im assuming since i have BPD and can relate). The bullying is beyond disgusting and if i was him…. i don’t think i could handle all of this mess. People really are shameless these days.

  2. I know this OFF topic but…..

    Cardi ALWAYS thanking GOD n JESUS n all that… I’m confused cause I know that this isn’t from OUR god…. Like IS SHE MOCKING god or is it THEY GOT HER TO SELL HER SOUL WITHOUT HER KNOWING??????
    Cause to me I be thinking cardi really has NOOOOOOOO IDEA still, what she got herself into…. She acts like a total PUPPET and she is just…. Clueless?


    1. she said she wish she never done it.. she said it in a interview that she wish she could be normal again..she’s not dumb but that what they want her to play.. you can tell from when she do a interview it’s like they got her control then when she does a video on instagram

  3. I figured Pete hopped in because Ariana said something. Had she not said something he wouldn’t have.

    And since jay deactivated and drake is his replacement is that why they making him beef with Kanye? To take place of the jay/kanye beef?

  4. As for kanye…. I wash my hands….
    I’m bracing myself…. Cause I sense we got a lot of EXPLOSIVE….. SHOCKING….. SAD ASS SHIT COMING UP IN 2019.

    1. IslandGyal I feel the same way. 2019 is going to be very sad for the music industry. I think they will silence Kenya West, Nicki, and Mariah. I hope not. But things are looking bad for them.

      1. I SENSE THERE WILL BE A MAJOR DEATH COMING SOON…. I’m no psychic at all but I guess its like ….. ANXIETY MAYBE? idk…. In once again, BRACING MYSELF…. I feel like we in a era like the BIGGIE n TUPAC type era…. We in for some shit. I think the deaths that already occurred of course is shocking but…. I sense we soon will have a MAJORRRRRR one coming…. AGAIN. like one we aint expect. Like micheal n whitney death. I hope I’m just being dramatic. Smh….

  5. Its sad cause…. We all really watched KANYE completely change n they totally stripped him of EVERYTHING!!!!!
    His strong mind, his wisdom, his LOOKS, his HAIR color, his strength, like EVERYTHING.
    Now I ain’t against the kardashians n I’m not one to just up and jump on band wagons but I will admit that I witnessed, well from my observation, kanye COMPLETELY FELL THE FUCK OFF once he officially got with Kim.
    🗣🗣I AINT BLAMING KIM!!!!!! But I’m just speaking my thought n opinion. IDC idcccccc lol

    1. I blame him for wanting something sooo bad and got exactly what he wanted that’s how it works sometimes. Not knowing wth you getting into but all you know is you wanted Kim for years. Some people don’t grow out of their fantasies until they get what they want.

  6. Anyone else have issues with liking the stories! I’ve been trying for weeks and it doesn’t let me like the posts!😡

  7. Yeah lol kim isn’t gonna do that and pmk won’t let her
    Whew chile
    I hope it was worth it kanye you better repent man

  8. The fact that he blatantly said he has no handlers and went over so many people’s heads is amazing to me. G, I swear you are the only person that ever touches on the big facts about the industry. The petty gossip is entertaining, but the deep, dark truths are what people should really be concerned about. Since I’ve been a member of your blog, I look at all entertainers as just puppets on strings…strings that will eventually be cut when their purposes are fulfilled.

  9. At first I thought Kanye would go bat shit crazy without Kim but I forgot you talking about a loner somebody who spent 6 summers in the basement and grew up by hisself I doubt he even cares fr I think it’s his money connections that’s going to keep him in, if nothing happens to him the next two years he’s out but just like G said we gone see.

  10. I’m lost what did he do to Mac? Because what about the drug enabling she did to Mac? She’s lost in drugs herself so they didn’t help each other. Ariana is making things about herself how are you going to tweet I’m outside of your apt? Like why is it necessary to broadcast it to everyone? Just keep to yourself and show up if you are really concerned. Nope Ariana isn’t that sweet girl she wants everyone to be like look Ariana is such a good person checking on him. Get out of here with that.

  11. Let me tell you this. Kanye is better off leaving Kim. She’s too self centered and hungry for fame still. I hear she’s jelly of Kylie according to blinds. Regarding game and finances.

  12. Yea G I was thinking he was tlkin too much. I think they’re gonna shock him again. But unless they’re done with him idk. He isn’t deactivated is he ?

  13. Jesus and Satan are made up stories just like everything else in the bible. These “elites” you speak of are basically torturing celebrities with humiliation. If you’ve done your research or learned in school, religion was created so the slaves could believe in something. These celebs are just pawns and doing things because it gives the elites power over them.

  14. I feel like everyone is also forgetting the fact that – if Pete could pull that level of suicide threat, imagine what he did behind closed doors? Forget her selling her soul and that she may have had sacrificed Mac, the industry set her up with Pete and well… he is clearly broken. Mac dying, had it’s effects on her but at the same time, put yourself in the shoes of someone who dated an addict for several years to hop into a relationship with someone suffereing BPD. I can’t support the level of manipulation that Pete tried to do to the world. Again, I blame Kanye, no one is more flippant about BPD than him.

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