August 15, 2022

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45 thoughts on “Saturday Hot Takes

  1. Mogul diddy?
    And is cardi going to take off season back
    Kim Porter the model
    Prayers to Olivia 🙏🙏
    Oh no kanye
    Oh no Bhad Barbie
    Lauren Lauren 🤦‍♀️

  2. I’ve heard rumors WatchJazzy was gay and she was close with Torri Hart that’s fucked up if she was fucking Kevin. He’s a liar

  3. G!!!!!!

    I gassssssp when you dropped that sugar on ally McBeal n the mogul who Imma say ITS DIDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 lawddddddddddddd I pray it is NOT TRUE!!!!!!!
    BY THE TIME BHAD BADDIE HIT 25 I BET U A MILL SHE GON BE FUCKED OUT N FUCKKKKED UP poor tink tink 😔😔😔😔 she is a very beautiful Lil girl smh
    N toya turn up (whatsjazzy but I been following her since day 1 lol) I LOVE HERRRRR!!!! But damn you already getting a bad rep? Smh tisk tisk….

    LAWWWWWWD 2k19 gon give us DA BIZZZZZZZ!!!!!! Im suited up and READY fuck it 😂😂😂😂

  4. Kevin Hart ain’t shit.SMH..his wife doesn’t really look like she is into him either. I think the hype around him is starting to die down. Along with Tiffany Haddish, not a fan of hers.

    Lauren London has nothing going for her. What was the last movie she starred in? Ever since she got with this guy, nobody has been checking for her. This guy seem to be all about the streets. SMH

    I really do feel sorry for that cash me outside girl. It’s obvious her parents failed her as they are allowing her to do whatever she wants. She is only 15. No discipline or mannerism. Just straight trash. Because she is bringing in the money her mother and father will turn a blind eye and allow their daughter to self destruct. What a mess. History is not good for this young lady and who knows what’ll happen to her in 5 years from now.

  5. Hmm I’m thinking between Jane Krakowski & Lucy Lui.

    CF is with Harrison Ford so she’s out

    Portia de Rossi nope

    I loved Grease so sad for ONJ

    I hate that playset is rallying all these cheating rappers begging Cardi B to take him back. It’s really disturbing how bad these industry men want you to accept their cheating like someone can’t be treated better

    1. I was wracking my brain trying to think of the other actresses on the show. Jane might be it..but I forgot about Lucy Liu. 🤔🤔 I don’t think it’s Lisa Nicole.

  6. Wasn’t Kevin Hart & Eniko creeping while he was with the first wife?

    You lose them how you get them. Why did she think her outcome would be any different? SMH

  7. I highly dought Eniko cares Kevin is cheating.. she doesn’t love him. She’s only there for the money. I’m sure Kevin knows that. But little do he know Eniko is buying time. She knows she can have any man she wants and Kevin probably thinks she won’t leave him because of his lifestyle but guess what all it takes is the right dude with the right money more then Kevin more powerful Eniko would be gone in a minute. I don’t really care for Kevin as long as he don’t try and fuck over Torrei the woman who DID care and loved him.. you know how black men are they don’t want you but also don’t want no one to have you.

    1. That’s karma for her ass! When she called herself putting a poster on blast about the time frame when sheabds Kevin started dealing, everybody who was on that post that night got on her ass!

  8. Lauren London is staring in a new BET series and to be honest she’s is a okay actress but I think she can be better if she do better.. when you start having kids with certain types of dudes it wear you out.. and since she had babies it’s like she use up. I don’t see Nipsey pushing her to advance her acting career.

  9. Wooow Kevin still not shit and will never be shit….eskimo get ya money girl and run to John Singleton. That dr.phil girl pussy going to look like Ashanti worn out pussy bun in that recent mag if she keep screwing all these people. Ye needs to go somewhere wayyyyyyy far by hisself and don’t come back for 5 years….because 2019 is not looking bright for you bro. G is Travis and Kylie really 💍 you know that fam first hand.

  10. I’m sick of seeing the CMO girl, she should have been left with Dr. Phil and forgotten- her being sexed/drugged out is no different than some of these wanna be hood white kids where I live. Only these sometimes clean up and become teachers… can’t feel sorry for Eniko, but I can’t see her leaving Kevin, her trophy wife lifestyle, vacationing with friends to become a baby mama. I feel like she’s so bitter towards Tori that her pride is gonna keep her with Kevin until his star status starts to dim. I hate thinking Diddy killed the mother of his kids, but I’m also sick of him posting pics of them coupled up as if that was his wife…I guess he had to let the Elites know that she wasn’t just a random sacrifice…killing your soulmate must be worth another 10-20 years in the industry (“best friend” gave him what? 25 years?). Sad to hear about ONJ…she was so pretty to me…Miley probably knows a lot about a lot of people in the industry. I am not a Cardi fan, I have always felt that she was ignorant, albeit entertaining, and not very talented. However, I do not feel that she deserves that gay, cheating husband of hers. I think it’s so disrespectful how he and the dogs of the industry keep pressuring her to take him back. I can only imagine the disrespect that we have NOT seen bc I’m sure these public scandals aren’t half of what she’s gone thru.

  11. Bhad baby is a grown ass mess what about the coke?
    Somebody should have slapped her for iggy. I’m over Kanye fr I just watch him closely because he say stuff out his mouth no one will ever say.
    It’s just too good to be true for him and nicki to be running around like this unless the industry just falling apart as a whole because these new children they’re signing is not cut up for this stuff. Offset is dumb and Cardi is more chill without him she ain’t angry she seems more relaxed. Lauren London lost her spark

  12. I’m sad about ONJ… Grease is a favorite movie if mine. Ummmm…. I hope the fuck not about WatchJazzy especially if she’s friends with Torrei but it seems like she’s kind of died down a little bit anyway. Eniko don’t care…she’s a sack chaser anyway.

  13. Lauren London seems perfectly fine to me. She isn’t doing much because she has a family and for her to make it big I’m sure she’d have to fuck somebody. She’s enjoying her little family so let her BE… everyone don’t want to be TOP DAWG in the fucking industry. Some ppl fine with being regular

  14. It’s real disrespectful as a woman to see you refer to Witherspoon box as trash because she husband is cheating. Men cheat for many reasons and most times it has nothing to do with us as women. Stop belittling women like that. Men cheat women cheat it’s all about choices they make

  15. So the stuff that Miley knows you think she would talk if provoked ? I’m ctfuu at Golden doll lol. Prayers up for Olivia. Chilee I don’t know if it’s her cha cha sometimes you can fuck them good and they’ll still go cheat with other bitches that fuck good too. So that lil white girls mother sold her to the industry right ? Smh if they are really married why keep it a secret ? everyone knows they’re together. And Kevin hart mmm mmm mm. All I can say Is I hope you have a prenup.

  16. I’m so weak at these names y’all gave Offset in these comments 🤣🤣🤣

    Too funny

  17. Damn Watch Jazzy is on that? Smh she is so pretty and actually funny. She better hopes this doesn’t get out or her reputation is out the window.

  18. Watch Jazzy is from my city and she been a hoe way before the industry. She slept with a whole lot of men and had threesomes and etc so this doesn’t really surprise me. I love her as a person though. She’s hilarious.

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