October 5, 2022

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47 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why Kanye Is Still Going Off on Drake

  1. Chile this is. Long drawn out tiyard ass mess…im honestly getting tired of seeing drake in the media for rn…his ass is out here fucking and slutting everything…he befriending all of nickis enemies…beefing with kanye dramatic ass…hes a scorpio for real…manipulation amd puppeteering behind closed doors…while still being hip hops golden boy… if he aint careful SWAE LEE gon be the peoples champ in a few #someonesaid

    1. I usually love all things Drake…but he’s being a chump right now…Kanye has always been so over the top and dramatic- of course he’s going to rant and carry on bc of what is being done to him. I feel Drake is being passive aggressive with both Nicki and Kanye and trying to make everyone forget who the mother of his only child is. That embarrassment alone should have humbled him.

  2. To some degree, I believe Kanye. Kanye has been called a lot of things, but a liar is not one of them. Even Jay-Z said when asked about ‘Ye and their falling out that Kanye “tells the truth”.

    Now there may be some things slightly taken out of context, but I overall believe ‘Ye. There’s nothing worse than trying to speak your truth and people call you crazy. Maybe there’s something ‘Ye is trying to express to the world that people do not see right now.

    My Aunt used to tell me about folks who are dismissive of people by calling them “crazy” – “they might be crazy, but they’ve got all the sense in the world”

    1. I totally agree! I do believe Kanye, but I think because of his mental instability people just blow him off and by drake moving quietly (sneaky) people automatically assume he’s innocent. I think drake is a snake and can’t be trusted. You can tell by the way he moves…I feel for Kanye at this point. This doesn’t seem like it will end well. I wish drake would just go away already! 🙄

  3. I knew it. I knew Drake’s hand weren’t completely clean in this. And YES good point of Drake AVOIDING Pusha. This is right there with his weirdness to become BFFs with people who would stab him then run over him with a car. The man is strange… There is NO way. But WHY is he avoiding Pusha is the question. But honestly, people can say what they want about Kanye, but the man IS seriously mentally ill. Every time I see Kanye, whether on TMZ or speaking to 45, he looks out of it. When he rattles on like that he is having a maniac episode. The tweets weren’t even completely coherent and he jumped around. Anyone that has had contact with people with mental illness can see that. He may say he is fine, but he is not. That being said, why would Drake pick at that man? I get it, he is upset about(what most of us knew) the unwanted child and baby mother. But at this point just leave the man alone. For once actually take the high road on this. Because him doing these little triggers and having Kanye rant to the world isn’t cute.

    1. Sorry for no indentations on paragraphs LOL 😄😄😬😬.
      But one more thing, LeBron and his people aren’t shit for adding to this saga. And why did I have that feeling when I saw that show, those fools just wanted the ratings lol.

  4. Kanye is just getting on my nerves with his Twitter rants. At the same time why is Drake not getting at pusha? Drake responded to meek soooooo? He need to stop being a sucka

  5. I do believe that drake threaten him because this isn’t the first time I’m hearing story about drake threaten people especially women🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Kanye was tweeting some real stuff I feel where he coming from about Travis like wayyyy before Kylie we were bros and now you with Kylie we still bros like fuck that neutral shit you could have put him in his place. but at the same time drake what’s really going on with him seriously after x death he’s been looking stressed and haven’t been right ever since Pusha diss record.

    1. Drake IS stressed. That is why he is looking like it. YES he has had a successful year professionally, BUT personally his life has been a shit show lol. People are still going to support him, but it would be lie to say this “little secret” didn’t affect some things i . e how he is viewed just a tad. It affects him the most because he has to live with it lol.

  7. I’ve been over Drake since he dogged out Rih & still had a whole harem while professing his love on billboards & anyone that listen. He likes the show that fame brings him, however time & time again he only picks on those he thinks he has an advantage of & in this instance he really needs to be going at Pusha but we know that will never happen

    As for Kanye, ppl won’t believe him bc of his mental issues. He was been spot on about Jay & Giselle & he’s telling the truth about Drake. & I get it Kanye’s first albums blows Drake’s music out of the water.

    He simply wants to point out that Drake is as messy & sneaky as ppl think & it’s been easier for Drake & Travis to gain success & accolades & not go through the half of what he’s been through

    That being said, who is enabling Kanye? Why isn’t he speaking to a therapist & discussing his issues versus these outbursts?

    No surprise that LeBron lives for messiness & petty drama. He’s done more than enough in Cleveland so no surprise he’s all Hollywood now. Maverick Carter is so thirsty for fame & overtalking LeBron like he has some rapport with these celebs. The money you’re making isn’t enough & now you want to be seen too. SMH

  8. Drake is a lame and bully. He picks at people and when they respond back, he wants to act like he didn’t do anything wrong. Then he wants to take cheap shots at people. (Never trust a person who likes to have multiple fake accents) I am liking Drake less and less by the day.

      1. Yep I seen all that and he also posted a scripture from the book of revelations referring to drake. And he said we gotta learn how to have men convos without somebody being dead. So did drake send those shots at the mama video shoot?

  9. I don’t blame Kim I would be livd too. Kanye probably went ballistic mentally. Kris need to stop acting like she don’t have half a brain to know whats really going in.

  10. I don’t feel like he should be putting Travis in it. So he’s gonna mess up every business relationship that he has because someone doesn’t like him ? At the end of the day this is a business and everybody’s playin to win whether they admit it or not. So he’s sayin Travis sold his soul for a #1 like he ain’t sell his too. He’s just salty cause of drake, oh well idols become rivals 🤷🏽‍♀️

  11. I think drake just wants it to be Kanye. Thy it’s 3 side to story. His side, his side and the truth. I don’t believe pusha though. I think drake just blames Kanye. He confided in him and then his artist disses him with that info. Pusha could have forgot from anywhere. Hell Kanye could have been on medication and talked. Or maybe pusha went through Kanye phone. His password was 11111. He slipped up and showed the world. I don’t think Kanye did it on purpose he could have been taken advantage of. I would feel a way too if i was drake. CSU’s Kanye was his friend pusha wasn’t. He more hurt from Kanye

  12. At this point Drake is just a bitch🤷🏽‍♀️ He’ s just been aggravating this past few months and this just takes the cup. Don’t even get me started on Travis 🙄

  13. Drake is playing chess not checkers. Trust he has thought out this whole scenario. Kanye Ian’s Kim are too impulsive.

  14. Is it just me. .I feel like everytime Drake does something petty he somewhere doing tht dumb hotline bling dance 😂😂

  15. Sophie taking up for her baby daddy lol if I was her I would have said nothing at the end of the day drake didn’t even want the baby. And try to make her up to his status but behind the scenes he a lame with no standards and let’s not forget he fucked Wayne girl when he was locked up. Oh yeah and when tyga said drake was fake he got clowned.

    1. 😂😂😂 you are right, they are All crazy. It woulda been wise of porn star baby mama to stay quiet. Drake made it clear from jump what he thought of her and the child. The only reason he has “stepped up” is because he can’t run and the world knows. IMO he wouldn’t get that save. Just collect the checks quietly and raise the child.

  16. Not related but… what in the Gucci Mane is going on with Kid Cudi 😧 I just saw a clip of him on red table talk and he seems different to me? Is it just me or?

  17. G, why did Kanye tweet he has no more handlers? Is that even possible? Also, many of his tweets were him talking about God. In one of them he said that he recently reconnected with his roots and his faith in Jesus Christ. Could someone like Kanye be saved? Or do you think this is the beginning of the end for him?

  18. Everyone has stated that Drake has not responded to Kanye’s rant, which is true. I don’t understand how people are tired of Drake when he ain’t said nothing???

    Of course Lebron and Maverick did it for ratings and Drake cosigned and made it happen.

    William Wes is a Toronto rapper who really kicked things off for success outside of Canada – that is why Drake referenced on the song

    If Drake was friends with Kris prior and has attended her Bday partie and I think Kendall’s (or someone else’s too) why wouldn’t he ask how the family is??? Wouldn’t you??

    Ummmm in a previous post, talking about Kim and Drake, I don’t recall any sugar cubes or babies denying that they hooked up. Am I remembering it wrong???

  19. I think both sides are getting played by some of the same people. It’s sad. At the end of all this, somebody wither gonna lose their life, thwir mind, or their family…either way this will not end well.

  20. Girl you know things! I believe every last word of it. And after following you for so long, you helped us shape in our minds the personalities of these people. And I can most definitely see all of this happening 😉

  21. Yeah. Kanye is starting to seem irrational on twitter. But what i really wanna know is whats up with J. Cole? His eyes seem hella empty, he is on hella features right now, he has another persona “kill edward”. I just saw him on instagram in a foreign car WITH DRAKE! WHATS GOING ON???

    1. i hope nothing you know thats my baby when i went to dinner with him I told him STAY CLEAR he nodded and said I got you He knew exactly what I meant. I don’t know what its like to be in that contract tho

  22. My opinion he’s not going after Pusha T cuz he’s broke he’s not the machine he’s a worker….you start from the top THE BOSS cut the head off the rest will fall !

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