September 26, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Friday “Hot Takes” – Christina Milian Tell All?

  1. I always wondered what had happen to her cause all of a sudden she went cold and I heard nobody wanted to work with her anymore cause she was not as popular as she used to be

    Oh that damn Hollywood🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. I’ve conclude that….. Nicki get good dick n loose all her senses cause we seen SAFAREEs n HOW SHE BEEN ACTING N CARRYING ON…. CLEARLY WE KNOW THAT GLOW COMES FROM SOME GOOD BIG 🍆🍆🍆🍆😂😂😂😂

  2. Omg 😮 onikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😔. Why is Christina doin this is she hard up for cash or wants to be hot and talked about ? Meghan hate you say ? 😱 oh me oh my.

  3. Naw G bring ur ass back in here n give us the juice😂🤣😂😂🤣… U can’t just tease us like this. We got questions 💅. Nicki doing what n he hit who? N what are they doing to Meghan?

  4. I think Nicki dated that guy when she was in high school? She’s back on pills? Nothing with her surprises me. All that fame & money & she’s determined to self-destruct

    What illness does CTZ have? Don’t say house in Virginia

    What is Drake trying to say in those lyrics?

    Of course they’re jealous of all the fanfare Meghan is receiving so the only way to combat that is to treat her like crap behind the scenes. There’s literally something printed negative about her almost daily now. Even worse these avalanche of stories really amped up once she got pregnant

    Does Adrianne know Bosh is gay? The irony when Adrienne was on the blogs initially trying to snag a baller & wanted tips. This adds a new layer to some of those trips he & another certain couple would take

    Is it true Blake is still sleeping with Miranda? Gwen seems way more into Blake compared to how he feels about her

    Christina’s new man not have enough money for her? That reality show was boring. She really blew things with both Dre & Jas Prince’s son. her karma in relationships has been epic

    I don’t know why these women think they are the next Karrine Steffens or think kissing & telling is cute. All that sexing these dudes & you have no career or income to show for it. These women make fools of themselves exposing well known no good men in the industry. Just about everyone has had Giselle’s husband

    1. I live in London and from what I hear Megan has a attitude problem….she allegedly really mean to the staff and can be quite rude. English folk that like that kind of thing. It’s one thing being a snob but being mean for no reason…also she’s doesn’t get along with Kate….apparently they have two very different personalities…🤷 All I know is she better becareful because Diana was loved and they still got rid of her

      1. I personally don’t believe she’s rude I think she’s very assertive and she probably isn’t submissive to the institution. I think the staff sometimes can be worse than the royal family themselves because a lot of them have probably worked for the royals for generations and so they are very protective over them. She just isn’t into being controlled, of course the media over here in the UK are racist and want to present her as an angry black woman with an attitude. I’m not buying that rude thing.

      2. I hear the same through blind items. Allegedly Prince Harry had a meltdown before the wedding because he found about her past yatching. The friend that really set up them had a taste before him. Also, he set her with one of her yatching trips before Harry. I think there is nothing wrong with being assertive however, I hear she’s terribly self righteous these days. This facade of bebkb humble and a nice person isn’t all true. Before she found out about her pregnancy blinds said she planned to come to Cali to party hard with her favorite choice of drug coke. But those plans were canceled due to the baby. Not everything that shines is gold and not everything is good as it seems right?

      3. @malva, that is crazy. If Meghan is acting self righteou, then she better start acting like she got sense and face reality. The Palace is no joke and you cannot mess with those people. From watching her interviews, she has come across as someone who doesn’t like to be pushed around.

    2. Catherine ZJ was diagnosed as bipolar some years ago…she was on lithium or something bc she had a severe breakdown if my memory serves me correctly.

  5. Yikes Christina😳 And Nicki 😔 I am not surprised, with her fame she needs someone on the same level, anyone below that would end up being insecure and from the videos Nicki posted, he seems like he doesn’t have much patience with her either. More tea on Meghan please.. the tabloids (British tabloids esp) are running a muck printing daily hate on her but I question the authenticity of their sources seeing as Brit tabloids are rampant liars and thrive on rumours and false info instead of actual facts

  6. I read something about Meghan & Kate having an issue! I didnt think the whole palace would! I’m pretty sure it’s because she’s black & it seems like she’s wants Harry to live his own life instead of living with his family 24/7

  7. Ummm nicki idk I just feel like safaree was a better fit they just outgrew each other. But somebody to put hands on you and you flaunting them idc how old you were she should’ve stayed silent with new boy the old boy.

  8. Yo 2019 is going to be explosive.
    I heard about Chris Bosh all though we all know he was on the dL . Christina girl I don’t want u next on the hit list .
    Nicki dude just seems like a downgrade like girl what happened to Nas 🧐.
    I have a friend in The UK and the HATE IS REAL for Meghan . (I never liked her on tv) lol . They always said how bitchy she was on set maybe she still playing the role

  9. Hold up so we gone act like jay z ain’t tweet to clear the air about his verse on meek album. I’ve never in my life seen him tweet to clear anything

  10. Nicki is always attracted to losers, because of the environment she grew up in. Having a lot of money doesn’t change a person’s tendencies. What kind of drugs was Nicki taking?

    I think the Palace is purprosely trying to sabotage Megan Markle image. It’s obvious Meghan is not a push over and know what she wants. They can confuse being assertive to something else and make assumptions about her. She’s only been in this life for two years and trying to change the woman to be submissive to what they want doesn’t seem like it will work. Harry already acts like he isn’t beholden to the palace at times.

    I want to know more tea about Christina Milian. She just disappeared and don’t see her much these days.

  11. Didn’t Chris Bosh invent the infamous duck lips lol. Been had an inkling about him.

    I like Blake and wasn’t feeling him and Gwen from the get go. Did they ever get married?

  12. I know people who personally know Meghan and she has always been high strung. Rude to a Brit is different from rude to an American. Also, she married in to that family and their demons, she knew what she was getting into. She was initiated right before the engagement. That came from The Black Child on you tube, and this blog does give him credit. She speaks for Harry and when the four have done interviews she has spoken for them all. She is never going to be queen and if they did that to Diana she better pray she isn’t next. Diana was loved by the world. From what I see she is trying to be the Next Diana cuz anyone can see Harry has major mommy issues.

  13. Imma say this cause its been on my mind and heart… N I pray this doesn’t happen, GOD FORBID…… but MEGHAN whole personality n everything reminds me of PRINCESS DIANA sooooooo much.
    I don’t think she has a attitude problem. I think she is VOCAL and firm n how she feels maybe when they ask for her to do certain things.
    JUST LIKE DIANA. DIANA was vocal and stood firm on her beliefs n let’s remember DIANA WAS A BIT VOCAL ABOUT HOW THEY DIDNT LIKE HER BELIEFS N THE THINGS SHE WAS FOR AND WANTED TO DO….. then she died in a car crash IN A TUNNEL for NO ONE to see.

  14. @NCaseUDidntKnow you asked a question about why Nikki acting out and dating this guy. I agree she truly maybe deactivated soon, but Nikki being the true Sagittarius she is we like to have things our way on our terms. With that being said if she’s going out she’s going with two middle fingers up on her own not by their terms which gives a sense of pride. (No I’m not a cardi fan she’s irritating and it’s sad that our culture finds this behavior acceptable and trys to mimic it) P.S I love your blog

  15. @ A.L I understand not liking to be anyone’s doormat. Shit she’s married to the Prince she can show people hey at the end of the day I run things so respect please. Even Princess Diana beat to the sound of her own drum. Then again look what that got her right?But I hear it’s the opposite. Like her royalty status had gotten to her head. I mean yeah she has a past but don’t we all. However, there is no excuse for being nasty to folks for no reason. Hell their personal secretary is quitting next fall until the baby is born. She’s been with the royals for 17 years. Meghan hit the jack pot with Harry. She finally got the fame she had been craving I mean she was trying to get secretly pregnant behind Harry’s back before their marriage.

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