August 15, 2022

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21 thoughts on ““Ask G” – The Sugar Is In The Answers : Rihanna, Melyssa Ford,The Kardashians

  1. Freedie Mercury was cremated and his lady friend received his ashes along with most of his estate.( The lady friend that was mentioned in the movie)

  2. They sacrificed Rob? How is that? Although now he would understand why it is a real disaster at the age he has always have to help his sisters and his mother. How much lack does Rob senior do, will not he have sacrificed Kris?

    1. She meant that they sacrificed Rob Sr the father remember he died from “cancer” and Ron Jr is just fat and lazy

    2. I do not believe Rob was sacrificed. No one knew who the Kardashians were at that time. At least i know I didn’t. I only knew Robert was the Lawyer who helped O.J. What I do believe is that bad karma got to him for helping out a person who was framed for murder or knowing who killed Nicole and letting them get away. All the lawyers who helped O.J met their fate years afterwards. Johnny and Robert died after that trial.

  3. Plus the Kardashian’s have kris. And dispite all the hate people watch them and follow them. At that time it was a few sex tapes Kim is the only one to blow up it shows it was more than the sex tape

  4. Is Robert Sr, Khloes bio dad? I’ve always wondered. And they seem like such a close family why would they sacrifice their dad who they make it seem was the best father ever?

    1. So many people have said it’s OJ, which she has never really denied , They did ask OJ when he was released he said he would take one khole did not respond so khole started changing her appearance now she starting to look like Anna Nicole Smith

      1. She totally denied it and so did he that is not her dad she looks nothing like Oj she does hwoever look like that stylist or whatever he was

      2. I saw that interview where he said something like “trust me she’s not my kid” . I agree with G, she definitely looks like that stylist. Also, years ago like 6-7 or more if I’m not mistaken I remember Khloe tweeting something like “how can you guys tell me Robert isn’t my dad, he raised me. Even if he wasn’t my bio dad he’s still my dad” so kinda confirming he isn’t but also not really. I’m torn because I feel like True has Armenian features like the other cousins so idk.

  5. Thanks G for confirming what I was thinking about Tiffany I knew it just wasn’t ” Kevin Hart saving her from being homeless at a Comedy Club” as she say

  6. My heart goes out to the Nickelodeon and Disney stars I pray to God that he will save Orlando and the rest and heal their soul’s 🙏🙏
    I have a question what really happened to Mindless Behavior and why did they leave? Did Chris Strokes and his perverted booty eating self do something

  7. Damn that’s really evil that Rihanna’s mom sold her out. G did she know what they were going to do with her daughter?? How does fucking the producer help Rihanna??

  8. So Melyssa Ford left Hollywood Unlocked..and according to Jason Lee, he will be helping her with building her own platform. Hmm…….

  9. Kandi is my favorite and I keep watching closely so I’m happy you confirmed she’s team #saveyoursoul! I was praying that Porsha/Phaedra situation wasn’t a humiliation ritual.

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