September 26, 2022

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35 thoughts on ““Word Has It” – Wednesday

  1. Oh I have a question is he down ? And did Diddy initiate him ? I see so many people saying he’s Diddy’s boyfriend and stuff making jokes cause he’s always around. And has been having a good amount of hits.

  2. Jesus said don’t put him in it 😂
    Those Kardashian’s don’t want no single men and get mad when it comes back on them

  3. this one lost me at the end. (what about miley & rihanna & drake?) (what are the trainer & power pics under Kris & Puff?) got me feeling slow, slow LOL.. i need to go to bed & try again tomorrow.

    1. I know I’m slow…😂 if the producer let him $&@k his sisters friend? Sisters Boss? He would do the song for little or no money….no clue who the girl is…producers sister?

  4. Im confused with the tia and tamera pic. Is it the producer’s twin sister.?? I am clueless.

    I do not know any of singles of french Montana…I know who he is but do not know not one track. how is he still around if he is a Diddy artist? lol

  5. Love these!! French must have a good business since bc I don’t see him getting props as a rapper… I vaguely only remember one song he was featured in…

  6. I love these. I guess if I knew who all the people are it would be much easier to decipher. Therefore, I want to thank everyone that comments, because it is a great help to me


    “SEE HOW GOD WORKS” 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  8. Why these hoes always fucking their friend man and u love defending these 🐍 ass bitches 🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. Any Trina Stories. I love her energy i thought she was gonna be Big! She got that bomb ass Sag ♐️ Energy but cant find the “ One” .

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