August 16, 2022

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41 thoughts on ““Hot Takes” Wednesday By Heaven Hollywood

  1. I saw a blog saying Chris shooting his shot with Cardi. I remember nicki saying that so what was she doing with Lewis?

  2. Thank you for covering for dropped some great stuff!

    Miley is messing with who?

    I believe Cardi regarding the publicity…

    T.I. oh my!!! I wonder if that would be the one thing that Tiny won’t stand by. Doubt it..she doesn’t seem like anything will make her leave.

    1. I don’t know what would make Tiny leave him. There was a paternity/child support case in Miami involving Clifford and he’s the dad.

  3. Miley and Mike Will Made it lol billy Ray where you at and how you feel about it? Haha once you go black you don’t go back she just better not dare step in public with him! Might piss off a certain demographic of fans….

  4. Meek gonna come to drake defense…so is he about to become drake guard dog now or something cause that would just be foolish to me

  5. Is it bad that treys Witt his ex ? Were him & lou friends or something ? Question about JT being cloned. So if it’s a clone does it really matter if he’s cheating on her ? And does she know he’s cloned ? Or do they keep that a secret when they do it ? I don’t understand the point of shading drake. I really wish they make up already.

      1. At least he was. She was the girl getting her butt smacked by him before Father’s Day. He also went off on Houston’s for she and her friends being thrown out of that restaurant. He was throwing around his weight since he was on the Mayor’s transition team, saying he was going to get the off duty officer fired for manhandling the 3 women.

  6. I love Drake’s music but his ass is crazy. Meek almost ruined his career. I would have never been friends with his ass again… T.I. Just need to be single because he is going to make Tiny hate him with all the cheating and disrespect.

  7. Khloe & French would be better than her & Trifling Tristan…Nicki should just leave the industry- all the negativity and backlash is draining- her lyricism can’t be discredited…TI disgusts me and Meek needs to mind whatever business he has… Good riddance Justin T- no sympathy from me on his deactivation…If Cardi is torn about the divorce, she should have kept it quiet until she was sure…Poor Liam- he should have never taken MC back..

  8. Thanks for covering! This was some good tea.

    Liam is a handsome guy, he can get any women he want. Move on from Miley. She seem to be using him for convenience at this point.

    T.I. really isn’t shit and glad I don’t support him anymore.

    Justin latest album didn’t get much publicity nor hype. He is definitely not as hot as he used to be. Jessica should do her self a favor and let this man go. Staying in a marriage, because of a child is not always the best thing.

    1. She practically chased him for marriage so I wasn’t surprised that it was a rocky marriage. it was bound to happen, I was just waiting on the news

  9. Drake is a disgusting whore whose dick is going to fall off. Nicki Minaj’s relationship bettter prosper because I’m tired of her & these inadequate ass companionships. I just want to see a different light & side of her: husband & children! Do some movies. Relax! Meek needs to stop sucking Drake’s dick, it’s embarrassing. I wonder why Tiny stays. I’m very familiar with that “I’m sticking with my man no matter what” love. But I’m curious to know if it’s really love? If so, wow. The things love will make us do. I’m LMAO @ the clones not being able to perform. The GIG is up! Mike Will & Miley sex HAS to smell like white cheddar and ass. Good for Ms. Ford! As for Offset pregnant side chick, who’s really surprised here? LMAO & Reese is desperate. Trey Songz? Really?! Smh I guess she likes them BI. French BI too. Anybody that close to Diddy I’m skeptical of…

  10. why are so many black blogs on ig getting deleted? i saw they removed Hollywood Unlocked, Fashion Bomb Daily & Lovebscott all around the same time? Whats really good? & Why is TSR unscathed?

  11. Why would this new guy shade drake of all people? Knowing that drake wants nicki shouldn’t he be happy that they aren’t speaking to each other or on good terms… Only way he would do that is because Nicki tells him to do it…which to me furthers my suspicion of them even more! I need someone mega close to get the real real juicy tea on they situationship cause the red flags always keep popping up.

  12. Good ☕ ☕ ☕. Too late, Offset side chic has claimed pregnancy. Yea, I really never believed in that Justin Timberlake marriage. I promise, I just don’t get it with Drake. How do you dap it up with people who tried to ruin you 😕. Sure you forgive, for yourself, but we are NOT about to go get coffee. Meek would have gotten a “I accept your apology” and kept it pushing. Trey still has it lol, but can he move around to some untouched chics. Oh and Drake will forever be a hoe 😬.

  13. TI ain’t shit. He gets on my nerves with his fake woke bullshit meanwhile he’s out here embarrassing Tiny 😒 I can’t stand his ass. Justin Timberlake ain’t shit either. Something about him has never sat well with me and after reading everything on the blog about him, I got all the validation I needed to say Fuck him 🗣 with confidence lol

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