August 15, 2022

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16 thoughts on ““Ask G” : Bad Boys, Wayans Brothers, Dubai Trips, and Mowery Twins

  1. Wow @Angelina and a bag.

    So when we saw Tyrese and Will Smith together in Dubai that was a sign of them doing something more than just business deals?

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but Damon Wayans son’s baby mama is Rev Runs daughter?

    Damon Wayans announced recently he was quitting Lethal Weapon because they were working him to hard. His original co-star jas already quit.

    So is Martin down with the illuminati/rituals too or is that just Will?

  2. Does Jay Z really do have another son outside of his mariage ? Why don’t nobody wants to work with Ciara? What’s happening to Justin Bieber cause he is starting to look irrelevant

  3. I’m not to sure about Marlon being the best actor out of all The Wayans.. If you ask me Damon is the best actor and then comes Marlon. Both are super talented and although Marlon can not only do comedy he can also do drama but Damon is more versatile then he is, actually out of all of them. Damon had a lot of outside roles outside of The Wayans entertainment. Damon can play any role and draw you in..

  4. G, When you do the story on The Mowry twins, please do not leave any info out. I just do not believe their squeaky clean stories they always give out about themselves. Idk why lol…

    You can tell Brad and Jen loved each other. It looked like real love and I dont think Jen ever got over it. She is an Aquarius and we do not get over people easily especially someone who we were in love with lol. I bet they are messing with each other on the low but i would hope not since he practically disrespected her. Also is it really true that she didn’t want to have kids or something?

  5. I always said Brad Pitt was nothing more but a beautiful prostitute. Remember he got his start up from being a gay sex slave to a male millionaire. Y’all can look it up. He can’t take an ass whippin from Mike Tyson but he can lay hands on Maddox smh.

  6. Angelina was wrong but Brad was the one who made the choice and as you said G the elites didn’t make him they offered. Only reason he’s still a favorite is because he’s a man, beautiful, and parades as a great white hope.

    Angelina on the other hand is always a villian in her films (succubus demon type), openly does santanic rituals, and plainly the bad girl of Hollywood. Her being a humanitarian means nothing so messing with Americas angel (Jen) and being alleged of abusing them kids…….hell no she’s done.

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