May 22, 2022

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69 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hot Takes

  1. Kevin has no problem kissing The Rock in movies / dressing up as Barbie in her dream house but won’t say a simple “my bad”?The hyprocrisy is real G ! Is this move the begining of the end for him?

    1. According to a blind items it’s a fake relationship. I hear the same thing about Nick that’s he is gay and always has beards. Let’s PK doesn’t have a good reputation back in Bollywood. She’s too friendly.

  2. All the other MK names weren’t surprising but rihanna sure was! I thought she was such a high level that was down for everything there would be no need to replace her? Did they replace no f**** given I’m living life and doing what I wanna do Rihanna, for the business savvy I’m focused on starting companies, and maybe getting married rihanna? That probably explains the lack of music. We need a post on this!

    1. I am not believing it now the evidence they produced is very legit by plain and simply looking at pictures of rih in sept 2016 compared to jan 2017 how did she get so big so fast? and she wasn’t not and is not pregnant. nicki fatter dave chapelle fatter they showed me facial structure they showed me all of that they said that’s why she isn’t making any music any time soon man im so confused

      1. What does MK damage mean?

        Are they glitching and twitching uncontrollably? Unable to carry a conversation? Unable to dance? Unable to write, perform, and or produce music?

        Are the original artist still getting paid? Do the clone factory get a percentage of artist profits? Do their families know they have clones? Are the clones chillin with the real friends and family? Was Drake sleeping with the clone Rih? He couldn’t tell she was fake? Or different?

        So confused …..

    2. I don’t believe it. Rih has said in plenty of interviews as she got closer to 30, the weight wasn’t coming off as easy & she loved having breasts & a larger behind. I honestly think it’s relationship weight

  3. Something about him Kevin Hart doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve never liked him. Im glad he’s out, now I can watch! ✌🏾

  4. Rihanna is not a clone. Why would they want to clone Gucci Mane? He is just a rapper from East Atlanta. People do grow up, mature, especially when they go through some tough times.

    1. Yes she is. One minute she skinny and the next we see her chunky. Then she be slim thick and the next she looks like she is pregnant. Smh……

      1. Rihanna too?! Damn damn damn. I thought it was strange when she ‘looked’ thick and then skinny but thought she was gaining weight to have surgery or something.

    2. Hey I am only sharing with you all what I get. I am not saying it I am telling what PEOPLE who have been in this clone mk ultra study shit for years

  5. I’m interested in knowing more about Nick Jonas and Priyanka. She gege married all of sudden after her secret female lover (Megan Markle) gets married earlier this year. If they end up lasting more than a year I will be very surprised. Also, she may get pregnant by him soon.

    I thought Nicki did a show every week. She’s not doing that anymore?

    I know it’s not a popular opinion but I don’t find Kevin Hart all that entertaining or funny. There isn’t any authenticity with him. 😕

  6. Hold up! Tahiry is making a comeback? Towards Joe Budden? I hope and pray Joe do not go back with Tahiry! Especially after he done proposed to her in n the middle of Times Squire and she said , “No!” Joe got a family now and Cyn is not a bad woman. He be a damn fool and get back with Tahiry after all that bullshit she done did towards him!

    1. I scrolled way down to find someone who wanted more info on Tahiry lol I personally do not like Tahiry for Joe sorry I’m not a fan of her, she lacks substance, Joe is way too intelligent for her, I think Tahiry has good pussy I’m feeling like that is the hold she has on niggaz lol it’s like they don’t want to wifey her but they can’t let her go either

    2. The real why Tahiry said no is because of all the hell HE put her threw. We watched the end of their relationship but she said she was busting tables trying to support his rehab recovery and damn near was his mama, lover, counselor, and secretary. You except her to not be bitter? It was a karmic relationship. And after the lesson is over you meet the love of your life. Cyn couldn’t handle HALF the shit Joe put women threw. Y’all remember Kaitlyn the gf Tahiry punched? Same Kaitlyn that was on couple’s therapy? She was butt hurt because she was homeless before meeting Joe and he used her as a second resort. One girl also made the news that Joe physically abused her and if I’m not mistaken I think she lost her baby. That made couple’s therapy on vh1. Btw I’m not arguing I just like to write lol.

      1. Right. That’s the story I always heard. The things he’s done to her makes it hard for me to listen to Joe’s voice. Everything he says i immediately think, “wrong answer.” I can’t take him seriously 😂

  7. Kevin Hart really doubled down (again) and refused to apologize. SMH someone tell him he needs a publicist STAT! He’s really feeling himself and found out the hard way. Now he’s out as Oscar host & issued an apology. Sounds like the elites got to him.

  8. I don’t believe Rihanna is a clone I just believe she has grown up you can clearly see that this is still her, still the same accent same everything she’s human, human being gain weight and she’s not skinny by nature remember when she did the Loud Tour how thick she was?! And she’s 30 years so of course she’s not going to be wild all her life

  9. Smy bad for commenting sooo much but I knew Michelle and her fiancé wasn’t going to last he looked uninterested.

    1. I was hoping it would work out for her for the sake of her not having another failed relationship. But like they say anytime you put your relationship on reality tv it’s at risk

  10. Amanda… absolutely. that is not her idc what nobody say. Britney took. I don’t wanna face it with Dave, but its believable. if rih is, its hidden well

  11. I thought Rihanna was down with the elite program. Why would they clone her?

    I think Nick and Priyanka aren’t going to last long. I thought Priyanka was gay tbh…

  12. His family seem kinda off …the vibe became weird especially Chads sister she was too attached to her brother. Like he explained to her Michelle was there to add to the family.

  13. You called it, Kevin gave up the hosting gig. Guess kissing all that Elite azz didn’t work this time lol.
    Sad ,Cardi caught a case by a man who would never go to such lengths for her.
    I agree, that Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra won’t last.
    Well tell the newscaster, hold on, it’s Drake. In the next few weeks he will be on to the next. The man is still claiming single lol.

  14. I am not a fan of Kylie with Travis…but it wouldn’t surprise me if all of the sisters (except Kim) ended up single…they have each other and their sisterly bond is stronger than any sexual/romantic relationship they enter…

  15. Could you do an interpretation of Ganja Burn? I have watched this video several times, and it appears that she tells the story of being deactivated, and rising (resurrecting) again. What are your thoughts? I see her returning back to her roots right now, and relaunching or rebranding.


  17. Why would they go through all that.. in her culture marriage is a HUGE thing and it definitely was a huge wedding 👰🏽🎩

  18. Was kendrick lamar cloned? That performance with dave chapelle didnt look like him.. I thought i was trippin’

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