September 26, 2022

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63 thoughts on “The Truth About Females In Hip Hop In The Music Business Remy , Missy, Cardi, Nicki,Foxy, Kim

      1. Idk why. She had like no hit. I just know she was featured with jay a few times. But Idk if she had any singles on her own

      1. Damn Amil! The last I heard of Amil was when Jay-Z début Volume 2: It’s A Hard Knock Life album back in 1998!

    1. I thought she left the industry because they wanted her to have an abortion on some lauryn hill ish she had a song about it

  1. G you already said this . If it’s not Nicki, it’s Beyoncé, then Cardi, then Drake, then somebody gay. I know you got some more sugar stories… What about those Disney kids or TV shows. I know they crazy

      1. the color scheme is really an eye sore and causing headaches. Any way you can look into this? I can’t stay on the site for too long because of the bright colors

  2. So I wonder if anyone remembers like back in 2010, there was this rapper named Keys the Problem who used to go at Nicki all the frigging time. I wonder what happened to her.. shorty could spit, too!!

    1. I don’t think she would’ve went far anyway she ain’t have the look like remy. She had the color but she was a lil rough.

  3. I really don’t understand why it’s hard to get why ppl like cardi but we should like Nicki; nicki has all the same fake physical attributes as cardi does, she just writes and raps better. One person doesn’t have to always be put down to lift up the other. Nicki has done ratchet shit, has had a nasty attitude but cardi is always brought up like this ridiculous opposite person and they’re damn near the same type of NY bitch. But like someone previously said, can we stop about them and get stories on other people? Anything on Ellen, Wale, someone mentioned the Boule before….please?!

    1. Cardi is a whole whore who tells young girls to fuck for money and sell pussy ! Nicki has never stood on that kind of platform ! Stop the bullshit no one wants to hear all the freaky celebrity fuck stories all the time ! Y’all so damn sexualed lustful that’s what Cardi b don’t bother y’all ! Smh that’s why I don’t comment y’all ridiculous 😕 🙄

      1. So nicki didn’t come out with stupid hoe???🤔🤔 guess we forgot about that🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

      2. Stupid Hoe was a response track to Lil Kim’s Black Friday soooo how is that relevant??

      3. So Nicki Minaj is Lauryn Hill? Didn’t she just come out with a song called Dreams? Didn’t she do a play on bisexuality when she came out?

      4. You sound mad! They both have music eluding to being whores! Ones just been around longer with a better flow. Lol

    2. Thank you. They so far up Nicki ass they want give Cardi a chance. What happen to the days where people are able to have a opinion without slander following. Nicki be with that fuck shit jus as much as Cardi. I actually like them both, but jus enjoy Cardi more because it’s refreshing to hear someone new on the seen. Nicki still does her thing but i wish the comparing shit stops, because its all hate. Nicki raps about sucking and fucking too, and i love it. Lol so let Cardi ride her wave in peace.

    3. The thing is you can dislike Cardi B without being influenced by Nicki Minaj. For me disliking Cardi has nothing to do with Nicki. I personally dislike Cardi because she called a dead child a monkey, said if her man ever cheated on her she would let him get raped by a “tranny”, told people on IG live to commit suicide and defended her Husband after he got called out for saying something homophobic. She also lied and said she wrote ALL her verses but got caught with the Single “Be careful” she also went on IG live again saying she doesn’t care about being “lyrical” she’s only in for the money. Which is fair but just stop lying. Not to mention attacking someone on an event like the NYFW. That shit wasn’t cute- I honestly don’t care if it would’ve been the BET awards… Or telling young girls that they could become strippers if the school& education thing doesn’t work out. (Not something you should encourage at all – I don’t shame strippers or sex workers) And the absolut worst thing is that instead of accepting that she made mistakes and apologizes, trying to better herself she insults and bullies people who call her out on it. These are, for me, personally red flegs I can’t dismiss. And have nothing to do with Nicki Minaj. You can grow and change without being ashamed of your past and where you come from. I wish her all the best…

  4. It’s sad that I’m the female rap game, it can’t be several women making hit records like the male rappers. It has to be one at a time. You can have multiple male rappers having #1 hits with no problem. They pit women against each another, convincing them, “there’s only room for one”

  5. I hope Remy see it as a blessing bcs the Nicki n cardi stuff is a mess. Between Nicki getting exorcism on stage and Cardi right behind her being embarrassed all the time bcs her man is her handler they can keep that fame & torture. In real life and my book Remy got her soul, and hopefully a healthy baby and wins.

  6. People like Cardi because she hasn’t really changed who she is. She doesn’t try to hide her past and she isn’t afraid to talk about it. She doesn’t try to make people think she is something she is not. She is funny and she says thinks that most people are afraid to say out loud. So many times people in the comment section are disappointed when they find out their faves are undercover whores. With Cardi there are no surprises. When Uncle Luke was honored at the BET Awards (I think it was last year), he himself said that he appreciated her struggle in his speech. I think what what gets confused sometimes is the difference between a lyricist and a rapper. Cardi is not a lyricist. She is a rapper that makes good club music. After being on this blog and reading what it takes for a women to make it in the industry – for that alone they should be sticking together. It’s honestly sad.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. I like Cardi and I like Nicki. Just because Nicki don’t want another female rapper sharing the top and likes to her dirt behind closed doors, I’m supposed to dislike Cardi? Lol Nah. Just like someone said they are the same type of female.

  7. Why didn’t Charlie Baltimore pop? She was mixed and pale af. They boosted Kim and she was brown back then. Was that the only exception?

  8. What about Eve? I always felt like she left the game prematurely she could held on at least to the late 2000s

      1. Yeah that’s true but it was a period of time where Eve didn’t have an album out in years but still was doing features like on the 1 Thing Remix and Like This with Kelly Rowland so she was still viable but she didn’t put anything out.

  9. You keep writing the same story over and over. You wrote this story about 3 times already. We get it you hate Cardi and Remy and love Nicki. I know there is more sugar on other artists, stop repeating stories

  10. Is it just me or does remy not fuck with Cardi either anymore . At first she was on that female unity n love and then she switched up. I also remember something about a tweet that Remy seen.. she thought Cardi typed it but It was a fake .. by then it was too late because she went in on Cardi . I haven’t seen them interact after that

  11. Smh, if they gave darkskin females a chance they would’ve had competition for Nicki… but the fetish with light skinned women fucked their plans up🙃

  12. ok can we take a year long break from Cardi, Nicki and Drake stories?? Let’s keep the 90s tea segments going. Those 90s teas are juicier and I am always thirsty for those…

  13. I knew remy didn’t lose that weight on her own. And another question is papoose a really really loyal man? He’s just too perfect?

  14. I’m sorry but I can’t get with the Nicki hate train. No matter if you like her mucus or not, what she has done for female rap and rap period and her longevity should be a little more respected because that BLACK woman has done her thing across all the boards. Malcom X said it best, there is no one more disrespected than the black woman smh

  15. of the three I stay with Remy, she makes her music, she has her family and a baby on the way so she has been praying. I do not agree with Sether. I feel so bad that Missy had to go through all those things, when I was little I listened to her music and I did not care about her appearance, she is a genuine woman with great talent. I’m neither in Nicki’s or Carbi’s side but if you give me a choice I’ll stay a thousand times with Nicki. Cardi is too ghetto for me, you have money and fame and you do nothing but be commenting all the negative comments of the people, behave in the proper way, I do not care that you have been estriper but does not have any kind of education. Then saying in love and hip hop that black women are cockroaches and in the end her daughter has turned out to be Afro-Latina. Sincerely I doubt very much that another man takes it seriously because it is another Tifanny Haddis big mouth

  16. I don’t know, I get the feeling that Remy maybe ok where she is. No, she isn’t killing it in the music department at the moment, but she is still working and has projects coming out(as you said). I think she gets it(the industry being dirty). As long as she is making money for her family, I think she is good.

  17. When Remy first came out I was like ok I see you. However I can’t get with her snyanym because she is always mad when she raps. Like did she get the memo that female rappers don’t have to be angry to rap. This is the main reason why Nicki gets my stamp of approval. Nicki made rap fun, sexy, hard core all at the same time. Now that is something that haters can’t say their favorites can do…. Versatile is the whole

  18. Yup G you said it. I wish nicki would have never said that to Miley. I don’t get it she must’ve thought she was big enough at the time that they would just brush it off. Like that’s still a little white girl who made them so much money & is down with them she wasn’t gettin away with that w/o consequences. I just hope her endgame ends well and she’s able to come out alright when all this is said and done.

  19. I just think rap is a young person’s game. Most rappers don’t get to enjoy success when they start to age.

  20. By foxy “always talking about being dark skinned” do you mean how like she was bigging up her complexion?

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