October 3, 2022

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77 thoughts on “Wednesday Hot Takes

    1. A “beard” is a man or woman that is publicly in a relationship with someone to make it seem as though they are heterosexual

  1. No one is perfect, we all got dirt. But damn, this tea is too much for me. Can you do segments on The Rock, The Game, Floyd Mayweather, 50 cent.

    1. Chris brown🤔. he was commenting on all of Rihanna’s pictures and trolling her and now he has suddenly stopped

      1. Girllll whaaaat?? How did I miss that!!! But I can’t seem to find a search bar on this webpage, its just me right?? How can I find this story? Is it tagged?

      2. For those who need to read Obama’s Angels where G posted it, here is the link. It’s four parts. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT SHARE NOR GIVE OUT THIS LINK OR ANYTHING THAT CONTAINS “SPILLING THE SUGAR” AND IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW!” G WILL SUE THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF YOU!!! AND SHE IS NOT PLAYING EITHER,! Now, without further adieu, here is the link


  2. Why doesn’t Toni come out with her real man? I don’t get this bearding situation when you actually are involved with another person who also has money

    I’m not surprised by Nicki’s lack of standards of men she dates. Look who she openly supports & stands by?

    How does this thing with the Obamas work now that they’re no longer in office? Does Michelle do her own thing? Do they do threesomes?

    I thought Kerry & Nmamdi were the real deal?

    Ronnie should’ve never done reality TV. It’s a death sentence to marriages & everyone past & present don’t mind exposing your business for some fame or money. They will regret this

    No surprise Katy sleeping with anyone for relevancy. Her last album flopped & didn’t her last tour get canceled too?

    Does Jay have a whole separate harem he sleeps with & pays to keep quiet?

    1. Can someone explain to me what’s wrong with the Drake picture or is a different picture being sent around?

      1. A picture of a gay pornstar that looks similar to drake, is performing oral. The pornstar has already let everyone know that it is him in the photo

  3. Lord Toni Braxton and Birdman. How long do she have to play this out. It’s been years now. Hope he will find another women to be his beard. Nicki knows that not her man. Nicki always have a man somewhere on the low. I believe she have 2 other men she dating right now. She don’t like being alone.

  4. Omfg G you just made me spit this hot tea out. This is so juicy I’m clutching my invisible pearls. 😱😱😱

  5. Omg! Say what?! Kerry Washington and Obama?!!! Lawd, I need something stronger than this coca cola right now! This blew me away…..damnnnnnnnnn 😲

  6. Oh lawd I need to get some insulin because this sugar is too much. Now wait a minute Obama and Kerry
    Roger cheating on jwoww
    Chris&rita that’s why we broke up lol
    Dang I don’t really like you like that but please don’t get back with him smh
    Ronnie wow wow
    What’s does birdman have on Toni?
    I knew it about Kendall

  7. Ronnie should have never done RHOA. He’s being portrayed like Ike, in the scene where Shamari reveals she’s told the other women about their open relationship/marriage. Shamari is coming across too eager to be on reality tv and willing to do/say whatever to remain.

    Jax is a perpetual cheater and Brittany isn’t going anywhere. She’s gone through so much humiliation being with him but for some reason, she wants to stay.

  8. Pleaseeeee report on the Jax-Britt situation. What’s the tea? I know he smashed Faith way more than he admitted to.

  9. So Kerri really was Olivia in the long run. Wow i can see it happening tho. Anything on her and the husband i love they privAte but that usually means the worst lol

  10. It’s ironic that not long after Chris made those comments it blew up and even got as far as the Wendy Williams show, but yet then Rih was in LA Some are saying with Hassan supporting his business collab. Since Chris & Rih been talking off and on for a year (according to the blog) seems like her and Hassan got back good and she had to tell Chris to fall back. If her and Hassan fall out again, will Chris & her off/on communication start back up is the question?

  11. Wait I love Vanderpump rules! I knew Jax’s tired ass hadn’t changed. Smh…. Whew all the tea is pipping hot!

  12. I need the tea on roger and jwoww! Who was at his house? I noticed a little while ago he was still following her on IG now he isn’t.

  13. No man is perfect! I don’t know why people r shook about the Obama’s lifestyle, And Michelle have to approve the women he romps with…He is like any other man. You don’t get that far in life being “a-goody-to-shoe”…(walk a straight line)…

    Michelle comes across as Bi- to me! It’s something about her aura that gives me that feeling, so therefore “yes” she will approve of her husband extra WOMEN!

  14. Is Chris brown still being black listed? I know he and draKe squashed their beef. Also, is cole still married? I know there was trouble in paradise. And randomly, what happened to the boy group immature? Were the molestation rumors true? I heard that guy really lost it.

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