September 26, 2022

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83 thoughts on “Tuesday Hot Takes

  1. You laaaaaaaaaid that shit ALL OUT so damn SMOOTHLY!!!!!! that sugar was gave me the BIGGEST sugar rush!!!!! I mean DAMN!!!!! but I know eventually you will MORE!!!! cause we need it dammit!!!!!

    Hopefully. 😁😁

  2. Slow down 🤯. Cardi and Offset please leave them in 2018. I figured Sean was messing with Ariana again. What happen with him and Jhene. You earned my Mutherfucking $1 this Month Bihhhhhhh !!!!!!

  3. I read on a blind item site that Ariana and Sean was talking again and that played a factor in Pete and her’s break up…well ONE of the many factors.

  4. They need to find Prince’s will and FAST!! Mayté did indeed said he had a will but what happened to it she don’t know. But there is a will.

  5. What was 50’s baby mama talking about? Do tell because I was getting sick of her. Maybe I need to rethink that. Lol! I had heard that one of the Migos used to mess with King Amiyah Scott so I’m not surprised about Offset. This page on IG says they’ve been broken up since August. He follows your page & likes your posts so I believe him. He’s some industry insider. Come on with it! This was hot…

    1. I do its just on hot takes i dont because they are hot takes look around the blog i elaborate on the segements that i use more elaboration on

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