October 4, 2022

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27 thoughts on “PR Diaries: The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These PR Streets

  1. Chilli is a pedophile and a snake. They stayed back stabbing Lisa. As for that TLC tea dang everybody wanted everybody who didn’t want them BACK. That’s how life truly is.

  2. Damn… smh this is too much. Chilli did admit that she was very loose at one point in her life but fucking Ray j and usher at that time that’s crazy she pedofile shit is sad.

  3. Yeah, Eve was with Stevie J at this time I think and man.. I don’t know what type of dick he got but damn.. he had Eve going crazy out here fighting bitchess and all. I’m so glad she changed and found true love.. that white man loves her too pieces. I’m inspired.

  4. Ray J hit some bad bitches man I ain’t even mad at him. I mean he was too young though I will say not condoning having sex with someone underage.

  5. G, is it true Irv was smashing Ashanti mom too?? He always strikes me as a controlling bitch…I didn’t like his personality at all watching him on that reality show back in the day. Got mad cuz Ashanti fell in love with Nelly! Not surprised

  6. I knew Ashanti and Irv was messing around. One of those females calling a man bro and whole time y’all screwing!

  7. I got a headache reading the TLC dating chain( first paragraph) lol. Mr Dalvin always looked suspect to me.

    Why was Ray-j hanging out with death row? Didn’t he have homework to do? So now Chilli is part of that Pedophile list. She always looked like an easy hoe. I guess she repented now because she is a seventh day adventist now.

  8. I always thought Chilli was pretty but something about her never sat right with me. The other two seemed more genuine. I miss Lisa

  9. i remember tboz and dalvin…….and about pac and lisa……..ray j was a wild dude…….chili might be a pedophile for screwing a 16 year old……we all know she’s not the first or last to conduct that behavior

  10. Man Chili got around… this makes me want to go back and watch her dating show so I can nitpick her like she did all those guys!

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