October 6, 2022

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23 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Diddy Helping Clive Davis Screw Over TLC

  1. Gina, I would like to live to see Xmas. Please no more juicy stories like this! I didn’t know chilli had writing credits under her belt, but those network sites are just estimates . Also, Tionne did some solo work too. I wonder did Chilli have writing credits on Ushers CD?

  2. Damn this dude screwed artist not even signed to him.
    I could only imagine how many other artist outside his label he did this to.

  3. Some sister Chilli is shes looking out for SELF. And poor T boz was suffering with Lupus and had a daughter. Snakes in every girl and boy group.

    1. T-boz had sickle cell not Lupus. I think her health is what caused her net worth to be so low. Hospital bills maybe..

  4. This is juicy and Diddy is a lowdown snake. He always seemed fake to me. I am now starting to re-think that he had something to do with Biggie’s death. He and Clive sharing tips during pillow talk lol. Diddy will never admit to being gay unless someone higher than him threatens to expose him. He will probably be old and wrinkly by then

  5. T-Boz was in the negative at one point and now she is worth 500k? They should have went ahead busy Clive and Diddy upside their heads!

  6. That is a damn shame. But you are right, every group that came up under Diddy on bad boy, despite how hit they were, is lost in translation. The only artist he groomed that is successful and that’s BIG… A dead man… Smh… I sometimes wonder if BIG were still alive would he still be close to Sean. I also wonder if he would have remained close to Diddy would he still be a huge star.

  7. 😳 smh,Diddy just money hungry no matter what you have to do to get it and I’m very surprised at the net worth, G can you do a cover of what really happened at Laface? Especially Damian Dame

  8. I hate that he had to step on other black peoples toes to get where he is and now he preaches about black love and excellence it makes me sick

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