September 26, 2022

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27 thoughts on ““Ask G” The Sugar Is In The Answers.. Nicki, Tekashi, Kanye Shooting,Giselle,Queen Latifah

    1. It’s coming what makes you think you aren’t getting it answered? I am still answering questions from October love. I am one person you have to give me a chance

    1. Kim isn’t bringing it up that’s the public once again bringin it up trying to gain clout off the Kardashian name because they pretty much run social media

      1. She talked about being on Ectasy during her wedding & sex tape on the show so it seems like she wanted to make sure people talked about it…it seems like she’s trying to prove she was cool and used to party or something, but who cares at this point?

  1. WOWWWWWWW G you dropped some bombs on me with this one.

    1. I DID NOOOOOT KNOW IT WAS RUMORED KEENAN HAS AIDS cause that rumor is shocking but yet…. Could make SO MUCH SENSE.

    2. MONTELL JORDAN preaches and makes appearances at my sister church all the time so once again G YOU SPIT FACTS 💯💯💯💯

  2. Hi G,

    Curious to know why Amber Rose & 21Savage split and is Gwenyth Paltrow really Becky? She recently wed and the Carters were not reported to be in attendance.



    1. I did a post about them and amber and 21 were conteacted anyway and his label decided not to keep paying Amber so they came up with this Pr story about Amber cheating

  3. Ok so how is Qc the label managing Cardi If she still signed to Atlantic I’m confused pee always promoting and posting her? Yeah Lebron was low key bothered when drake mentioned rih and drake knew that that’s why he said her name lol. Good for Montell. And I see Gisselle trying to switch her hair up

  4. U never cease to amaze me with sugar. Never ever have I heard that Keenan possibly has AIDS 😳. Maybe that’s Y him & his side piece broke up? I knew about Montell being a preacher (thx to Unsung). As always, thank u for the sugar that never expires

  5. Thanks G for answering my question. Woohoo. These questions are great. I am kind of shocked about that Keenan info as not once I have ever heard any rumor of him having HIV.
    Good for Montell for leaving that industry. I am glad he realized the errors of his ways and decided to move on from it. I am sure he is living at peace with this decision.

  6. Montell Jordan has don’t some performances with other old school artists, I saw him a few years ago… he played This is how we do it, then went on like a 20min sermon… idk it wasn’t the right place or time for the preaching.

  7. I remember a while ago Big Boi from OutKast was on the verge of divorce and his wife came out with some text messages and pics that alleged Andre 3000 was bi or something sexual. Big Boi and his wife ended up reconciling and no one ever spoke of it again. Just wondering how Andre 3000 has managed to be so low key in this industry.

  8. Hey G! I love and appreciate everything you do. If at all possible, can you give some tea on Total, Sunshine Anderson, and Rah Digga

  9. What really happened to jackie O the rapper. I follow her on facebook and she is avid about being a follower of god and never coming back to the industry. She was invited to the last female hiphop event on vh1 but declined. I heard her record label poe boy basically extorted her for sex ….. is this true?

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