October 2, 2022

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67 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Tyka Nelson’s Plan To Tarnish Prince’s Legacy For Money

  1. This really made me sad & broke my heart. I’m a diehard Prince & Michael Jackson fan & its disgusting to me their untimely deaths that could’ve been avoided. Some of these ppl in their inner circle, family included will do anything for fame & fortune yet had none of the talent or hard work these entertainers put in to have their legacies cemented.

    I hate how calculating & predictable this is coming to where the industry wants to use especially the black entertainers, dispose of them, then once they pass, everything these artists would’ve never approved of if alive is all happening for ppl to make a quick buck.

    I pray these ppl get exposed & one way or another. SMH

  2. This is pathetic. I’ve been saying it since he died that he was murdered.
    For the love of money. What a shame.

  3. This really breaks my heart! To have someone so cold, so calculating and devious do something like this is unreal.

  4. I believe he had a will… he looked to calculate to nor have one….Yeah unfortunately Prince was murdered… one of the ppl I follow and you posted him on the site… Zach… he wrote a book called “Letters and Numbers”… his chapter murder by numbers. . Covers his death, and all celebs that passed up present time… it’s good read… book on sale at Etsy for 5 bucks…700 plus pages on how this world is orchestrated matrix meets Truman show world….

  5. He had such a good heart and the news reported he put her in rehab before and everything and this is how she honors him. Smh. It would be completely out of character for him not to leave a will. He was so on top of all of his business and legal affairs.

  6. I always believed he had a will. And I felt he was murdered. I’m a huge fan of his & when I heard that commercial playing his music, I was pissed. I know Prince would have NEVER ALLOWED ANYONE to use his music. Reading this has made me angry & sad.

    1. Yep!!! I thought that too when i saw that commercial and fact his music is up on YouTube. I never believed he of all people didnt have a will. I find it hard to believe anybody with money or any type of legacy wouldn’t have a will. How “convenient” that all the black iconic artist die and there’s no will, theres no measures to protect their legacy, or a designated beneficiary who will receive funds from their art after death. Smdh

    2. I feel the same way as SOON as i heard that damn commercial i was mad bc i knew Prince would have never wanted this! Everytime it comes on i get pissed smh

  7. She will get her’s I guarantee you
    God doesn’t bless mess.
    I hope that story doesn’t happen
    Btw that’s why she’s looking like the crypt keeper that sin will eat you up

  8. She look like she isn’t to be trusted and doesn’t bother to hide it. I just don’t understand it all these legends and other singers the industry has KILLED OFF but that just can’t be enough huh? Gotta go the extra mile and tarnish their legacy they’ve spent ages to build is sad. That’s that I wanna do something evil because I have the power to & because I couldn’t keep control of the artist when they were alive!

  9. 😢😢 I knew he had a will, the man was a musical genius..I pray this woman and those who wish to tarnish his legacy is stopped

  10. Lee Daniels don’t give a fuck it’s all about money with him.. he’s a gay man who pushes gay life style to the max.. the elites like that, that’s why he is so successful.. he anit the only one, he’s gonna get his money regardless 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. I’m literally balling as I read this. My heart is broken. I wish I would of seen him live b4 his death. Something I’ll always regret. I wish to god he would of had a secret son/daughter out there to do right by him. I’m surprised Mayte hasn’t said anything 😪

  11. If you watch Lee Daniels show Empire and Star he be having those characters to all kinds of homo stuff.. I don’t have a problem with gay ppl but he be going a little to far with it not everyone is gay I feel sorry for those cast members

  12. Prince most definitely knew someone was trying to kill him. I think he had made peace with everything.

    Does anyone remember the report of him saying at his last appearance…”Wait a couple days before you waste your prayers”
    His last IG picture caption was “Just when you thought you were safe”
    It may have been deleted but I remember the screen shots floating around.

  13. He did have a will. Baby mama already said it. But this what G is telling you is the icing. Wait til the cake part comes in. It’s a very very very shocking!. Oh there is more folks involved, but this shit is so fucked up, everybody on this blog would be glad to get together and take a road trip to fuck some people up! That’s all I am going to say now. I am no longer on Instagram for. I did not get kicked off or anything. I explained everything to her.

    1. You’re not on IG??? 😮 Well as long as you stay here on this blog though…. I may not comment often but I read your comments and you and G clear up a lot of stuff I have thought about.

      1. I got Physical Therapy and “An Unofficial Federal Meeting” you already know what time it is.

  14. Aye, Tyka will die choking on a dick, inside of a grapefruit. Moldy ass Thirst Bucket. Pray for Prince. I’m bout 2 seconds from demolishing her IG.

  15. I believe every word. Whenever I hear a Prince song on a commercial, I think “wow, they sold
    him out. He would never agree to have his music commercialized”. And this foolishness about not having a will? I knew that was nonsense as well. I wish Prince had registered a will with an outside party and made it public. (Not even sure you can do that but y’all know what I’m saying.) Greed will tear any family apart.

    1. Why Sony is involved is the question. He went back to Warner Brothers after all that fighting over creative control.

  16. Every time I see a commercial with Prince or Mike’s music I get so pissed off. No will… bs It be your own family. It’s a shame.

  17. Omg yes I have been wanting this story for the longest. His death always seemed shady. Something seemed off. Poor Prince I hope he gets justice.

  18. Do y’all remember that one pic he had on IG with the two chocolate M&M and the caption was chocolate OD with him laying on the ground

  19. This makes me sick and sad. I KNEW he had a will! That whole thing sounded so fishy! It especially pissed me off when folk tried to spin him not having a will. I remember that episode when Tyka stankin ass was on there. She looks like all those evil energies that control her dumb ass. She ain’t shit and isn’t ready for the wrath coming on her head. Ol trifling heifer

  20. Prince is my favorite singer and his death NEVER made sense to me. His sister always seemed like an opportunist I believe everything I just read 😢

  21. There’s a reason I don’t go that hard on Barbz and Hives because for me this man right here was the epitome of artistry and spoke to my soul growing up. It might as well been a family member dying for me. So when he was first was ill, the report I got was that he was suffering from AIDS like symptoms. Then less than a week later there wasn’t any more discussion, he passed and that report vanished like it never happened… ( because it wasn’t true) His sister came out of nowhere and everything was shut down. Then they announced he didn’t have a will and then all of a sudden Tyka’s ass becomes the face of the Prince estate. That makes no sense to me whatsoever not because he wasn’t fucking with her because they actually did start being in each other’s lives….JUST NOT TO THAT EXTENT WHERE HE WOULD LEAVE HER IN CHARGE WITH NO WILL…They are covering up the truth of what’s happened to my guy for profit. Maybe the fact that they were prescribing drugs under someone else name and they won’t say who’s to avoid prosecution..All these years there has NEVER been a story about Prince… EVER! Now you have all of these people making movies…. are you fucking kidding me?? My soul won’t allow me to sit by and watch it happen… sorry for the long dissertation.. This is probably the only time I’ll comment in this way.

  22. Im disgusted at the fact that human being like u and me are playing god and decides what happen and who gets what, dem betta pray and beg god fi forgiveness cuz when him come dem shall perish


  24. I believe every word! But wait. I heard George Lopez was paying the bills at Paisley Park to help Tyka keep the property because assets were frozen during the investigation. They woulda got away with taking everything from her.

    1. He did. It was Prince’s brothers that he helped.The assets were frozen at the time and he gifted them 20k without nobody knowing it.

  25. I knew it, the day I heard “Let’s Go Crazy” on a Capital One Bank commercial. When has Prince ever made his music available for such commercialism. I knew Tyka had gone and did him dirty. And Lee Daniels telling the story? Lawd. If he makes it we all know the estate is going to not get all the money they are supposed to. Just ask Dame(Dash). They have been trying to make Prince look like a long time crack head/closet bisexual since he passed. Looks like they are getting their way…smh. You are so right, he(Prince) is rolling all kinds of ways in his grave 😩😢

    1. I agree!!!!! When I saw that commerical I screamed. It’s just gonna get worse watch. She will cash him all the way out. I can’t wait for her karma to bite her in the ass.

  26. 😩Smh! This is a shame. I knew he had a will, I knew it!!! I will pray for TMH to get involved. Also, someone took a snapshot of his account the day he was found dead and he posted “JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE SAFE” and then when we all went back to his Instagram page to see if it was there, it was gone.🤔😐😑

  27. G this reminds me of Prince being put up at the Superbowl which I thought he would of never wanted the confusing part is that some of his circle co-signed that performance. It’s all so scary to me

  28. *sighs* This is what I was waiting for smh Everything was happening so fast after he passed on( was mudered) but I knew none of this was right…I would love to go to PP, but something keeps stopping me…None of this is him…You can’t get away with being grimey forever

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