August 15, 2022

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38 thoughts on “The Truth About The Toxic Relationship of Treach and Pepa

  1. Not trying to be funny. But she liked thugs, too bad she didn’t realize she deserved much better. Will doesn’t seem like he would hit a woman. I read Jaleel White post stating that most women would turn their noses up and him and clean straight guys for thugs. A lot of women wouldn’t date him either because he wasn’t hard enough.

      1. Crazy cause I would think Mary would be the one doing the ass whooping not the other way around

    1. On the Bobby Brown Tour Mary beat up one of TLC’s dancers for supposedly messing with K-Ci. Mary, just like Faith Evans, was fighting chicks left and right over K Ci.

  2. This is crazy!!! Lawd. All these stars been acting out since they started the business. Can you do a piece on the sianey kids, specifically Orlando Brown and why he acting like he is. Something is off… i remember the story you did a while back of him and Raven, but with how he been acting lately, lawd, somebody got ahold of him.

  3. This is sad i remember him accusing her of lying in her book about him beating and raping her. He was on the breakfast club (I think) either way she tried to cosign and say she didn’t proof read her own book 👀 and didn’t realize all of those things were in the book. I remember watching her say that think” wowwww”

  4. Pepa and Treach are going on tour together next year, the New Kids On The Block tour. I wonder how that’s going to work out.

    1. been wondering that one myself…….
      It was asked during the tour announcement press conference if there were gonna be any problems between the relationships with everyone. They all said no. Time will tell I guess.

  5. I could have sworn left eye went out with peppa the same night she burned the house down. They showed a pic of her and peppa and somebody else on behind the music

    1. That is not the story I got. Pepa even said Her and Andre were friends and Lisa didn’t like that. I got a similar story but who knows when it comes to pepa

  6. Treach was claiming her son too.. kind of a Diddy/Quincy thing. I think her son was with Prince Markie Dee as well. Pepa is the original K. Michelle, she talks shit but quick to play victim. She gave Treach as good as he gave her. Hell Bobby and Whitney were actually a better couple

  7. Treach has always carried himself in the public as someone ready to pop off. So this isn’t surprising. Sometimes when ppl show you who they are just take their word for it and act accordingly.

  8. I’m shocked at Prince Markie Dee abusing Pep when he made a whole ass song telling a woman to swing his way because she was being abused and he can treat her better. I think tf not.

  9. Pepa likes drama & a good time. Her story does not surprise me one bit. Cheryl was into all the drama but was about the work.

  10. I used to love Prince Markie Dee and always thought Pepa should have stayed with him. Had no idea he was abusive. His song “typical reasons” is all about how he is a lover and not abusive. While Treach was on the Growing up hip hop show with Pepa and the celebrity marriage show, you could clearly see his nasty temper. G, why did Pepa change her looks and still doing surgery?

  11. I remember Naughty by Nature performing at a college homecoming show and a fan hopped on stage and they stopped performing and chased the dude and Treach crazy ass had a damn machete. I knew then that he was hella special and I wish Pepa would stop all the surgery… She’s beginning to look real etch a Sketch.

  12. Sandy really liked thugs. She went out with my uncle when I was little and I remember that he used to beat her (my uncle was a violent Jamaican drug dealer from Queens). She was nice though (she used to cornrow my hair).

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