August 15, 2022

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15 thoughts on “The Truth About The Goverment Planning To Audit Premium Snap Chat Accounts

  1. Well if you wanna sell your puss, that is what you get. Why they get to make thousands for selling coochie and not pay taxes and the rest of us do. Hell, even porn stars gotta pay taxes.

    1. And G, you are truly a Saint, Bless your ❤, because I wouldn’t give those heffas any helpful tips lol. They were smart enough to figure out how to practice the world’s oldest profession on social media, then they should be smart enough to keep their butts out of trouble for doing it lol.

  2. Wow. The government is greedy as hell. I have never seen the issue with people paying for sex. It’s their business. Mind yours.

  3. Ain’t no mafia like the IRS. They been around since Jesus walked the earth. Peter what’s upppppp 🤗😎🤗

    1. You ain’t never lied. The tax collector was despised back then also but if I have to pay, they need to pay also.

  4. How you know all this info Ms.G ? What you be doing on the side lol just playing all jokes aside never even heard of those sites this is why backpage is canceled lmaoooo

  5. Saw a meme..don’t lie, cheat, and steal cause the government hates competition…its hard out here for a pump but extra hard for these hoes…

  6. I can think of numerous accts I follow on IG who thinking of it…… I KNOW they fall under this category lol the FIRST person who I thought of who I know does this is…..
    MALIAH…. THE STRIPPER. Who has ties to DRAKE?

    She def sells on IG. her wording n stuff it has ESCORT or stuff written all over it.

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