September 26, 2022

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83 thoughts on “HoeTails-Part 3 : Keep It in The Closet

  1. Whew. My cup runneth over! Did y’all catch the tea that Tom Cruise doesn’t have any biological children? That would make sense to me because he hasn’t seen that little girl in years. Who’s the daddy tho?

    1. I always thought his “adopted” black son, Connor i think his name is, looked just like him. Does that mean Suri is not his either. Or just that Tom didn’t conceive them the natural way?

  2. Wow! The Tom cruise one was no shock however I truly thought he was the biological father of his daughter with Katie Holmes! Probably explains why they say since the divorce he hasn’t seen the little girl, he’s closeted (so no need to fake heartbreak over Katie) and she’s not actually his daughter.

  3. Damn.. this is sad.. all for fame and money.. I don’t understand.. it’s like you can’t just work hard and be great.. if Diddy and these other ppl didn’t do gay shit then they wouldn’t be where they are today… sad, god protect me

  4. Tyson even was in hisnfeelijg when kim said he was gay also and he carried out this ‘beef’ for two wks trying to prove he isn’t. Nigga you are Gay

  5. Damn David! David fucked his wife Stefanie Ridel and fucked Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg, Calvin Klein, and Keeanu Reeves! David did you fucked Keyshia Cole too while she was at Geffen Records?

  6. So all that jumping on the sofa yelling ‘I’m in love’ (or something like that) on Oprah’s show was all an act? Wow Tom, Wow!

    Ben Affleck said on Ellen that Matt can be found in his (Ben’s) bed all the time, *side eye*

    Mariah & Da Brat? I can’t take this… Lmao

    Tweet was Missy’s bitch? What does that mean? Her sex bitch, her send out? What? G, explain more please?

    Diddy, I’m not surprised… He has a dick sucking mouth shape anyways…

    Good Tea G, Good Tea

    1. Girlllll , give me your phone and go stand in the corner for that comment “he has a dick sucking mouth shape anyways…” 😂🤣😂🤣😂

      1. Damn! So was she the man with Eva too? No wonder Eva got all defensive when asked about it on RHOA 🤣🤣🤣

      2. Please do a story on Missy Elliott boo thangs. I heard she’s had some of the baddest male and female artists in the game from lil Kim, Faith Evans, MJB, Eva and Tweet (as you’ve said), to 50 cent.

        I’m sure that’s going to be a good read.

    2. I can believe Mariah and DaBrat out of all her friendships she always stayed real close with her even when it just looked weird or maybe they just friends. Imma go with the first thought lol

  7. Girl Gina, if only you could break down all the people in Terrance Dean’s Hiding In HipHop book. I read it so many times whew child lol

  8. Whew chile Marky Mark?
    Meagan Markle
    The sugar
    And Mase and booty eater Diddy what? No wonder he got “saved”

  9. G question was it a typo or was it said that Chris Brown was in a relationship with Andre Harrell? Or did I read wrong

  10. G
    Did Kevin spacey or/ and Clint eastwoid initiated Jude Law because the movie midnight in the garden of good and evil was giving me I wonder did they really get it in vibes (with Kevin spacey)

  11. Debbie Allen was a savage with these women. Damn!!! Love to hear more about her hooking up with these cast. I think G put a post a couple of month ago that Halle Berry allegedly said “Debbie give the best head than any man she ever been with” 🤣. Lol

    Tom Cruise, Pink, and John Trovolata have always given me vibes they go both ways.

    Eva Pigford and Missy is another story, I would like to hear more about. Never would put those two together?! Wow…

    This post is pure 🔥🔥.

    Thank you!!!!!

  12. It seems that there is alot more downlow women in Hollywood than it is realized. These women are just as much on the low like the men.

  13. G and crew, did any of you watch The Arrangement? It was a show on Fox about a famous actor who entered into an arranged relationship with an upcoming actress. I can’t help but think it’s abiut Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Wonder if there is any truth to it

  14. Pink- Admitted that she had dabble with women before so i am not shocked. I do not think she called herself Pink to refer to being a lesbian.

    Missy- I always heard about her being with Tweet and Eva. I also heard she got it on with Trina as well during the One minute man era.

    Tom Cruise- not surprised about him. Something was always off with him and his marriage and how they never last. I always suspected that he liked men. So this tea didn’t burn me as much. Now I know Suri is his but are you sure that Connor is not? He is a black version of him

    i am shocked to hear about Matt Damon and ben Affleck and i remembered an episode of Wendy Williams recently allegedly insinuating that ben was gay but I thought she was playing. I guess not.

    when Priyanka came on to the scene I thought she was gay. She seemed kind of manly. But now she is marrying someone who i suspect is gay as well (Nick)

    Do these celebs know that they look stupid and quite suspect now that everyone is waking up nowadays? I cringe when Diddy acts so manly when he is really a bottom. Diddy’s mouth looks like it can fit a penis, so i am sure he sucked a few to get to his powerful status but overall Hollywood is extremely disgusting

  15. Wait you mean Connor really aint his? Connor looks just like a darker version of Tom. Thats a shame with Katie Holmes but her daddy got her & her baby out of that mess with Tom Cruise. I hope her and Jamie continue enjoying their private life.

  16. Meghan & Harry play the roll so well together. They both seem to put on a great show. Team work makes the dream work!

    1. As you mentioned John Travolta, I remember my best friend telling me about a situation that happened at a spa she used to work at and I just couldn’t believe it because it was John Travolta. He would always come in and request a male masseuse. Long story short the employee left the massage room, got the management involved, and he was told to never come back to their facilities again. I look back and laugh now because my friend told me, “That’s alright, you and Oprah don’t have to believe me!” Lol….I guess you just never know.

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