October 5, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Dispel – Article 4 : Rumors We Have Heard About In the Past We Clear Up Once and For All

  1. I still have to debate people on that Tommy Hilfiger one because they honestly believed it. It was never true.

    1. I go through the same thing with my family….but I remember seeing black celebs in his clothes in the 90s and it didn’t make sense that if he really said that, they would still be wearing his stuff after that. Also WHO would do Donna like ??!!

    1. Yup I was going to ask that question because I randomly thought about and I was like was that true?😂😂😂

  2. They said the same thing about Lil Kim…idk how anyone could believe such a thing could possibly happen anyway…people are just nasty and mean.

  3. I remember the Tommy rumor. Matter of fact, i heard it was one of his rivial who made that up to ruined his business.

  4. Back in the 90s NYC TV, after the late night weekend Oprah rerun went off air, there was a show called Fashion Week in Review where they showed all the latest runway shows and fashion designer interviews. There was a Nightline 20/20 racial profiling investigation that back then all the black kids in NYC that got locked up for murders were always wearing Hilfiger in their perp walks. The global director of marketing for Hilfiger was on Fashion Review and said we dont market OUR clothes for that kind of clout, we want to represent all american lifestyle brand not the thug crime image that is being stereotyped in the media about Hilfiger.

    Then FUBU and other street brands sort of perpetuate the rumor that if the global director said that, then Hilfiger must feel the same way too. So Thomas Hilfiger himself never said racist stuff but one of his board members did, I know this because I used to watch Fashion Week to have a lil upper hand on what the new trends in gear was going to be for the next season, as a youngster in school. People around my way said stop wearing Hilfiger because every tom dick and harry would have the same sweater and when a crime is committed all yall gonna be in the same lineup and get railroaded for a murder or robbery!

  5. Ommgeeeee I remember all those rumors heard my momma and her friends talking that stuff…… and is teddy pendgrasss one true he had.a transgender in his car doing oral when he crashed into a tree

  6. Gina, there was a rumor that Brandy was pregnant not too long ago, also a rumor that she might have carried Ray’s baby as their surrogate. They denied it, but now that the baby is born Brandy is slim again. Is that just a coincidence?

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