August 15, 2022

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101 thoughts on “Final Kim Porter Thoughts and My Conclusion on what Happened

    1. What am I missing about the video? I don’t get it. I watched it, but I don’t see what you guys see. Help explain, please.

  1. G, just wondering if u heard who found her and/or how she was found. I feel awful for her children and pray it wasn’t one of them who found her. Kim seemed to b a smart lady, Do u think somebody knows where her journals are? Do u think a book will b released at some point?

  2. Was her funeral in a church? If so that’s probably why Diddy looked weird and out of place. A demon would be overwhelmed with the presence of God.

  3. I sure hope she wasn’t offed because of knowing some old sugar. Not that it’s far fetched but I highly doubt she would have talked and said anything hurtful towards Diddy’s rep and brand. Just off the strength of her kids. We live in the social media era where if stuff gets out about you ya might not ever live it down. There would be a lot of PR cleaning up to do. It would just get too messy I just don’t see her doing this. Now if this was a blood sacrifice 🤔 I wonder if all the kids will blow up.

  4. the repast was a mess..hookah at a repast? smdh. May god rest her soul and pray she finds peace. I hope the children can connect to her spiritually so she can guide them.

  5. Wow… before you wrote this post i had already knew she turned her life over to God because there is a photo on her Instagram that only people who truly have a spiritual awakening repost it and that’s what told me that she was “murdered”

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