September 26, 2022

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85 thoughts on “Hoe Tails – Who Was Smashing Who Back In the Day That We Had No Idea About ?

  1. Wait, Bow and Vivica? Now, that thrrew me. Isn’t it rumored that Bey was pregnant by Marques? Never knew T-Boz was messing with Jay and Dayam girl code Chili!! I recall T & Dalvin being in love, love too. I really like infer what Prince was packing in those pants that had the women gone. I heard Chili was the same for him but he played her so bad.

  2. No wonder why Bryce has the lead in a Toni Braxton video. So he’s putting the smack down like that? He’s soooo dayam fine, still. Can you do a story on him and Amel, I don’t recall what happened with them as Groove Theory. I know he was still producing after their split and attempted a solo if I’m not mistaken.

  3. G you need to do a post spilling Melyssa Ford’s tea, she be acting high almighty, like she never slept with anyone on the industry.

  4. When u say ‘Jay Z’s rumoured Lover’ are u taking about Larry Johnson or Mya??….is Jay bisexual too?? If Jay is gay then I’m done with everything and everyone

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