September 26, 2022

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92 thoughts on “Season 7 Finale: The Truth About The Fall of Jodeci

  1. Love you for doing a story on Jodeci! Kim Porter was also girl in the Feenin’ video that Devante was on. Ooooo I use to wish I was her to kiss that man! Best male group ever. So sad.

  2. Thank you G! Jodeci was THAT GROUP in the 90s. I remember sooooo many guys tried to imitate them in talent shows when they first came out. I had no idea they went to Death Row but their 3rd album was definitely a departure of what we expected from them, with the exception being “Love U 4 Life” & “Good Luv”. I wonder what led to that home invasion because it was demoralizing. And what’s the sugar on Dalvin & TBoz? They were so cute together.

  3. Madonna was fucking everybody….. It’s just hard for me to believe PINK fucked devantae. Damn kim fucking all the niggas in jodeci, i hope that’s a lie.

  4. Wasn’t K-CI seeing Lelee from SWV while he was with Mary? Did Coko have a crush on Dalvin or Devante? I thought Mary hated SWV (well Lelee & Coko) back in the day? I could be wrong lol.

  5. G, thank you for this story on Jodeci. I love this group and still play their music all the time. Please do a part 2 and 3 on Jodeci and would love to have the DeBarge story too.
    Do you think that home invasion was set up by Suge to keep DeVante and JoJo in line? Did the drugs and alcohol mess up k-ci and JoJo’s voices? What really caused them to do drugs and alcohol so much to ruin their lives? Thanks

  6. Yes, this is everything thing that I have heard allegedly happened with the group. The break in I couldn’t recall if JoJo or K-Ci was there but always recalled that they both were violated. Totally believe this was the demise of the group. Such a shame too. (That last album from 2/3 yrs ago was nice, considering all things that they’ve gone through) Devante had (has) so much talent and the possibilities were endless so disheartening. Sista, though good, I always saw Missy as the breakout star of that group. Now, I did not know Keyshia was dealing with Devante. She was YOUNG out there getting done up. Wonder if this is why she’s dating so young now? Hmm.

  7. Jodeci was my favorite group in my teens. This tea is hot, but it’s sad what has become of them. I hope they can get back on their feet!

  8. Damn this is so heartbreaking to read. I have read so many stories up here since finding this site on Friday. Lol and this is the first comment I am leaving.

    Jodeci is my favorite male group of all times. Their music is still in heavy rotation in my house. Hell I refuse to get rid of my cds!

    Seeing that video of Devante is so sad. And it’s such a shame that they let the industry do this to them man. Such talent wasted.

  9. This was so informative and disheartening all St the same time because they truly have a raw talent and to see how the industry chewed then up and spit them is distasteful 😪 Puffy ain’t no good when his mama catch up fill force to him he will not be able to handle it because he’s messed the careers and minds & sprits of many ppl he’s one EVIL EVIL NICCAH 😒

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