August 15, 2022

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24 thoughts on ““Ask G” Tuesdays – The Sugar Is In the Answers – “Miss Golden Globes, Bow Wow, Dark Skin Women in the Industry,The Last House On the Left, Marvin Gaye”

  1. Bow wow breaks my heart I legit had a full blown crush on this man since I was 9 lolbs but it’s like now I just look at him in digust lolbs and also we need the Meylssa Ford tea

  2. Another i see wrong with bow wow and tiny when you watch those reality shows they are on. They have no one really telling them the truth. The people around bow wow aren’t real. And tiny friends aren’t real after ti embarrass her they tell her that tiny and ti are meant for each other. It’s an episode when the da brat is talking to mc lyte and clear as day says lil momma has a nasty ass attitude. Why did mc lyte go back and tell lil momma that the da brat said she wasn’t showing her true colors and that ain’t what she said. You need real people around you

  3. Which episode is that if American horror story? I watched this season don’t remember that part. I can never watch the intro or listen it is so demonic

  4. Idris Elba just said in people magazine (the one where he’s the sexiest man alive) that his daughter will be a golden globe girl….interesting 🤔

  5. Can you give some tea ☕️ on Sade? I heard the reason she goes MIA is because she has a nasty heroin addiction. Is that true?

    1. Yes I heard this and that she gpt arrested for it. I want to say it was on the Panache Report back in the day.

      Glad to hear it’s not true

  6. Is it true that Marvin Gaye was bisexual and struggled with cross dressing
    Oh yeah and why was Aretha’s casket rolled instead of raised?

    1. Girl I heard he was also under investigation for killing prostitutes back in the day before fame. Once they considered him a suspect, they didn’t press charges because he became famous, allegedly.

  7. Hey G.but a follower for years and am greatly appreciative of what u do. In the question about Bowwow you made a statement that said “the reason that the industry doesn’t support Dark Skin women is because of the the stereotypes that Black women put on themselves…”, was that a typo? Not trying to start nothing but as a black woman that definitely struck a nerve with me. Is that something you truly believe? We put those stereotypes on ourselves??

  8. The industry does not support dark skin black women but Tyler Perry just made a successful movie starring 4 dark skin women. The induatry chooses close to white so they can shame black people by making them act like a whore i.e. Monsters Ball. Kerry aint light but she played a slave who was whored out & whore to the President for 5 years on Scandal. Funny that 3 of the 4 black women in Tylers movie date white men.

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